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Spice Up Your Fall Home Décor With Pumpkins

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By on Mar 7, 2018
Spice Up Your Fall Home Décor With Pumpkins

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When the leaves begin to change and the weather starts to cool, pumpkins take center stage. No longer just used for Halloween, you can easily incorporate pumpkins into any aspect of your fall home décor.

Pumpkins are versatile and easy to use to welcome in the season, you just have to think outside-of-the-box to create a style that will warm up your home for fall. Here are a few ideas to inspire you on how to best use pumpkins in your fall décor.

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Fall Harvest

Decorating Your Home With Pumpkins

Fall is such an exciting time of year and pumpkins are a perfect and affordable way to style your home. There are many different sizes and shapes you can choose from. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to get the look you desire. Also, remember when using real pumpkins, you have the ability to refresh your look every year, so this is a place to let your fall creativity shine.

Name Card Pumpkin

Fall Table Decorations

There’s nothing quite like having the family join in for a fall dinner, whether it’s a simple weekday soup or a fall feast. Having the right table décor can really enhance the cozy feeling.

Name Place Settings

For a large family gathering, you can incorporate place settings to really impress your dinner guests. Direct people to where they are sitting by using pumpkins as name cards. Get enough small pumpkins for each table setting. You can paint and decorate each pumpkin as you’d like, or leave plain. It can be as simple as writing the guest name on the pumpkin to cutting a small slit in the stem to hold a name card. Either way, you will add a special touch to your dinner table with this unique idea!


For everyday fall décor, the centerpiece is not an opportunity you should miss. Using various sizes and colors of pumpkins, arrange in the middle of your table. Add some pinecones and fake leaf garland to unify them together. The bonus is that it works with any size table depending on the number of pumpkins you decide to use.

Kitchen Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins In The Kitchen

When you’re in the kitchen, the obvious choice for using pumpkins is in pie of course. But, let your fall pumpkin décor be inspiration as you cook. You can include pumpkins in your kitchen counter décor by utilizing a decorative cake stand and placing a large pumpkin on it. Or even a small basket full of pumpkins, gourds and pinecones. This is sure to give your kitchen a warm and cozy feel.

Decorate A Living Room

Living Room Décor

As important as it is to style the rest of your home, family and friends will be gathering in the living room after a nice dinner. Be sure to include your fall décor in this room as well, with a few simple ideas.

Coffee Table

If you’ve already taken the time to decorate your coffee table, it should be easy to incorporate pumpkins as your fall décor. It can be as simple as placing three pumpkins of various sizes in replacement of fresh flowers. Or, you can create candle holders out of mini pumpkins as a fun weekend project. Practically Functional provides a tutorial of how to make DIY candle holders from pumpkins.


As the focal point of the room, your mantel can be a seemingly large undertaking for home decorating. Thankfully, pumpkins can help give your mantel the fall look you desire. I love the idea of tying ribbons to the stems and placing them between vases full of other fall décor items. If you wanted to give your pumpkins a chic look, spray paint them a metallic gold before tying on the ribbons.


One of the most unique ideas I have seen with pumpkins is to turn it into a vase for fall foliage. It will truly wow your guests. This is a fun project to DIY in an afternoon and can be a great addition to a mantle or table centerpiece.

Outdoor Pumpkin Decor

Fall Porch Decorations

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Once you’re done decorating inside, turn your attention to your porch and all the possibilities you have for the season. This year, I went the simple route and got pumpkins in variations of sizes and colors and lined them up along the steps to our porch. We had flowerpots near our railings that I changed to a deep red flower and put a few smaller pumpkins into the flowerpot with the flowers. However, you can get creative and spray paint your pumpkins in different patterns.

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin

Traditional Jack-O-Lantern

Of course, the most classic way to decorate with a pumpkin is to carve it! This is a loved Halloween tradition for many to participate in and display their work in front of their house for all to see. When carving the pumpkin, make sure you use a good pumpkin carving knife to stay safe. Always cut the lid on an angle and scoop out all the pulp, especially if you intend on adding a candle to the inside. Keep in mind that carved pumpkins keep for a shorter time, so you may want to consider carving your pumpkins later in the season to display. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Teal Pumpkin

Teal Pumpkins

You may have noticed a trend of teal pumpkins appearing on homeowners' porches in recent years. Now this is more than a trendy color. The Teal Pumpkin Project is a national movement to provide children with food allergies a non-food item that they can collect for Halloween. Any parent or child that sees a teal pumpkin outside on Halloween knows they have the ability to trick-or-treat for an alternative item. This is a great way to decorate for a good cause if you have many guests on Halloween.


Pumpkins are an affordable and extremely versatile way to decorate your home. If you enjoy DIY decorating projects, consider ways you can incorporate pumpkins into your fall décor.

Looking for more seasonal home decorating ideas? See Fall In Love With Fall for more tips.

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