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Spring is Coming: 2019 Landscape & Garden Trends

By on Apr 1, 2019
Spring is Coming: 2019 Landscape & Garden Trends

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Jack Frost may still not be done in your neck of the woods, but inevitably, Mother Nature will be bringing you more sunshine and warmer temperatures. With the changing seasons, your thoughts will hopefully change from how quickly you can get indoors to spending as much time as possible in the other parts of your home; your outdoor spaces. 

This year, trends from landscapers and gardeners are centered around making your outdoor oasis easy, natural, and perfect for a little solitude or some quiet moments with the ones you love.

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1. Keep It On The Down Low: Low Maintenance, That Is

One of the most significant trends in landscaping and gardening for 2019 is keeping things low maintenance. Here are a few low-maintenance ideas you can use:

Plants and Gardening

Homeowners are looking for trees, plants, and shrubs that are natural to the region they live in. With more and more options, homeowners are looking to minimize time spent on the garden, and more time living. Landscapers can help you select dwarf size shrubs that fit your budget and your space, and those that need minimal pruning, which are hot items. Native plants that don’t require a lot of extra fertilizer, pesticides, or additional water because they are in their natural climate are also an excellent option for homeowners looking to do a lot of other activities besides caring for their gardens.  Succulents are also still winning popularity contests. The best part is they are low maintenance, they come in every price range, and they come in hundreds of unique and beautiful varieties.


Apps and tools are also a popular low maintenance trend for 2019. With lawn mowers that are robotic and mow for you, who wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon of this trend! Of course, adding an irrigation system will have you enjoying your space rather than caring for it! There are also apps for programming your lighting and irrigation, not to mention the Leafsnap app used by the Smithsonian Institute that will help you keep track of when to water and fertilize the plants in your garden. There is a massive sea of apps that beg for any gardener, whether a novice or a professional, to check them out. If the sheer number of options brings you angst, no worries, a trained and licensed landscaper can do all that an app does and more.

Large Scale Groundcover

We are not talking about turning your front lawn into artificial turf or cementing your yard and painting it green, but a low maintenance trend in 2019 does entail landscapers artfully turning large areas into soothing rock beds, interesting stamped and curved concrete paths, and charming pavers combined with natural ground covers like Brass Buttons, Phlox, and Vinca Minor. 

2. Spaces & Furniture That Are Multifunctional

Spaces and features that are multifunctional are all the rage in 2019. If space or object can serve more than one purpose, homeowners are embracing them enthusiastically. Garden walls are popular this year. Imagine a space divider that acts both as shade and as a hanging edible garden.

Alternatively, picture the side of your shed that has been an eyesore for years turned into a wall of green. Multifunctional furniture is also a significant trend in 2019 including sectionals that can be rearranged into multiple seating and conversation areas to firepits that double as coffee tables.

3. Fire Is Still Hot

Speaking of firepits, it may not have the same importance as it did to Tom Hanks in Castaway, but homeowners still want a fire. Firepits made out of wood, gas, and crystals are still sought-after sources of light, heat, and ultimately ambiance in 2019. Let’s face it, you build it, and they will come.

4. Pergolas: Defining Space, Creating Mood & Atmosphere

In 2019, outdoor designers think pergolas are still pretty cool and hip, and they help you to define a space. Although, all pergolas are not the same. Today’s pergolas are venturing into a luxury line that has homeowners opening their hearts and wallets. 

The outdoor warmth and space creators now come with drop down windows and blinds, built-in sound systems, even space heaters to keep you and your guests warm on cooler summer nights. These pergolas paired with outdoor kitchens, family gaming areas, and other outdoor spaces add usable square footage and allure. Not to mention, you can hang planters, candles, or even grow plants on the tops of pergolas to create a charm and atmosphere that will draw people outdoors.

5. Have a “Pinkalicious” Spring and Summer

Like your child’s summer favorite, bubble gum ice cream, pink is a hit with landscapers in 2019. In fact, Living Coral was named the 2019 Color of the Year by Pantone. Roses, petunias, zinnias, hibiscus all come in a beautiful array of pinks and corals.

Blush, a lighter shade of pink, is the new neutral chosen by landscapers to adorn outdoor spaces with their inclusion in new stone pavers, foliage like Blush Pink Nandina, and furniture pillows and accents. These soft pinks bring to mind a sense of peace and serenity that may be desired for your outdoor spaces.

6. Heavy Metal Isn’t Just For Headbangers: It’s For Landscapers And Gardeners

Iron and steel accents will make a splash this year in landscaping circles. Accessories and functional pieces of metal will have your yard looking professionally designed. From beautiful sculptures to cool water features, metal is a great way to spruce up your outdoor space and increase its resale value.

Pea Gravel Cost Factors

7. Take The Indoors, Outdoors!

Outdoor living areas have been a trend for a while, and it doesn’t look like 2019 is any different. Places to gather, read, cook, are still hot spots for designers and home do-it-yourselfers. One room that is really catching a wave with designers and homeowners though is a romantic hideaway for two somewhere in your great outdoors. 

A space with soft lighting, and comfortable seating, where couples can relax and have private conversations, possibly surrounded by water, trees, and shrubs will not only have you and your partner falling in love all over again, but it will make your home more attractive to buyers if and when you decide to sell. 

8.Think Outside The Box

Many landscapers are breaking from tradition and putting non-traditional items and plants into planters and beds for a fresh new look. Visiting a greenhouse and talking with trained landscapers can help to foster your imagination. 

Also, think about adding some blooming succulents, colorful vegetable plants, and even sticks and wood from the beach to your window boxes and beds.  You might even check out a few antique stores and see what unusual objects from the past might make for a great anchor (including an anchor) for your summer foliage.

9. “Bee” A Change Agent

Protecting ecosystems and building biodiversity are of course a meaningful trend in 2019. Adding plants and flowers that attract pollinators, especially bees and butterflies are a huge trend this year. There are many varieties for every budget and to please any aesthetic. You also get the added peace of mind that your garden and outdoor space isn’t just an oasis for you, but also for butterflies and bees. You might even think on a large scale and consider turning a lawn area into a low-maintenance, small meadow.

10. Prehistoric Foliage Makes a Comeback

Ferns are believed to have existed over 350 Million years ago so you can bet that they are a pretty hardy species. Ferns make great indoor plants, and they even improve air quality. They also add an old Hollywood, Casablanca vibe to front porches and homes. There are a ton of varieties, so speaking with local landscapers and greenhouse gardens can help you get just the right fern for your space.


It’s almost spring, and although many of us are still counting on a few snow storms or the rainy season to encumber our time outdoors, it isn’t too soon to start budgeting and planning how to make the most of our outdoor spaces. 

Contact a landscaper now, so when the sun does shine for days on end, and the temperatures start to rise, you are ready to take advantage and enjoy every last minute outside in your own personal oasis.    

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