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Spring Table Centerpiece Ideas

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By on Apr 4, 2018
Spring Table Centerpiece Ideas

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There’s nothing lovelier than walking into a home with a beautifully decorated table. Your centerpiece is an extremely versatile décor item that can change with the season. Often, it draws a lot of attention for the winter holidays, but it’s also the perfect way to welcome spring into your home.

If you’re looking to change up your home décor for spring, a centerpiece is a great place to start. See a few spring table centerpiece ideas that are sure to inspire you.

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Spring Table Centerpieces

Spring Table Centerpieces

Spring is finally here. It's time to put away your winter décor and focus on refreshing your home with vibrant and bright hues. Once you’re done spring cleaning, it’s a great time to redecorate. The kitchen and dining room are great places to start, especially if you’ll be doing any entertaining this season. The good news is spring centerpieces can be a DIY project that doesn’t take much time. Most spring table centerpieces incorporate floral and natural elements. Here are a few ideas:

  • Flower Centerpieces
  • Succulent Centerpieces
  • Spring Candle Centerpieces
  • Watering Can Centerpiece
  • Easter Table Centerpiece
  • Spring Table Runners

Floral Centerpiece

Flower Centerpieces

One of the most popular go-to décor items for spring is flowers. Now is the perfect time to fill your home with tulips, daisies, hydrangeas and more, as these flowers are in season. A floral centerpiece will help to show off your arrangement.

For a standard floral centerpiece, choose a white- or pastel-colored vase and begin to place flowers inside in a circular pattern. You should have at least three to four variations of flowers and greenery to make a centerpiece that really pops.

Another great and simple floral centerpiece is peonies in a mason jar. Try using odd numbers in a row to make a centerpiece that’s long instead of tall. If you want to dress up your mason jars a bit, hot glue twine about a fourth of the way to the top, to give each jar a unique look.

Succulent Centerpieces

Keeping succulents as home décor has been trending for some time but adding them into a spring table centerpiece is the perfect way to get a trendy look. When succulents are planted, they don’t need quite as much care as other plants, but the way they're planted is important. You’ll need the perfect container and the right soil to make sure they thrive. To see how you can make a trendy spring centerpiece, see this tutorial from Love And Renovations.

Succulent Centerpiece

Spring Candle Centerpiece

Candles are a great centerpiece for any season, but the way you display them can make all the difference. When creating a candle centerpiece, always be aware of fire safety. Using a material that can easily catch on is a hazard to your home.

While there are many different ways you can incorporate candles into your table centerpiece, I like to start with a simple metallic tray and various sizes of candle stands, in odd numbers. Next using faux moss, cover the bottom of the tray. You can stop here if you’re keeping it simple, but to add a little extra shimmer, sprinkle with a little bit of silver or gold glitter to make it a spring centerpiece that pops.

Spring Candle Centerpiece

Watering Can Centerpiece

Gardening is a highlight of the spring season and is a perfect element to include when decorating for spring. Take an old watering can and fill it with flowers or even faux vines to welcome spring to your table. The best watering cans to include are vintage-looking metal or a patterned print you love. Sunflowers, daisies or daffodils are great flowers to accent your décor.

Easter Table Centerpiece

Springtime also means the Easter bunny is coming! Easter baskets full of colorful eggs, both plastic or hand-dyed, is a great way to add color to your table for the holiday month.

If you want to get your kids involved, some families have a tradition of decorating a small Easter tree. This is a tradition that comes from Germany, where real eggs are adorned branches that have not yet begun to grow leaves for the summer. In Sweden, this concept is taken a step further by adding feathers to their Easter egg trees.

While not as grand as a traditional Christmas tree, you can make this a part of your table décor by pulling together small branches in a vase and having children decorate with paper eggs, that they have colored themselves. Or, use string through miniature plastic eggs and have them help hang them on the small branches. You can even include feathers, flowers and other spring décor to make this unique.

Egg Tree Centerpiece

Spring Table Runner

A table centerpiece is not complete without a table runner to help add a pop of color and pattern. If you’ve gone floral with your spring centerpiece, I recommend using a muted pastel color to help draw the attention to the natural beauty of the flowers. However, if you’ve chosen the route of an Easter centerpiece or succulent centerpiece, use a bright pattern in your table runner to add a bit of color to your table décor.


Spring is a time to refresh your home décor and add some color to your home. You can use your spring table centerpiece to help pull your décor together and welcome the season into your home.

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