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Stop Bugging Me: A Guide To Safe & Natural Pest Control Remedies

With nice weather just around the corner, you might be daydreaming of sunny days outside and warm summer nights. However, let's not forget about those creepy crawlers that bug us most.

Most warm-weather pests are simply a nuisance to you, your home or your garden. From essential oil bug spray to homemade mosquito repellant, there are plenty of items you likely have right now that can help prevent bugs from becoming a problem. Here are few tips you can use to get insects to bug off.

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Pest Problems

Pests can go from being a simple nuisance to creating major issues when they start invading your home or garden. A few of the main culprits we see are termites, bed bugs, and ants. Here are a few resources that can help if you find yourself encountering any of them:

How To Get Rid Of Pests From Your Home

How To Identify & Get Rid Of Termites

How To Kill Bed Bugs

Not every bug problem can be solved with DIY. Some pest problems call for a professional to handle it. They bring additional knowledge and expertise to the situation. The national average cost to hire an exterminator is $211, with most homeowners spending between $134 to $198.

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