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Summer 2020 Decorating Trends

Discover the hottest trends in 2020 for summer decorations. Make your home a chic haven of tranquility by adding some simple touches to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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The warm embrace of summer is finally here to lift our spirits. Calling 2020 a whirlwind would be an understatement. We've all been through so much; it's time to seek solace in embellishing your home with beautiful, on-trend summer decorations.

One buzzword sums up the overall trend for summer decorations in 2020: maximal. The Scandi-minimalism of yesteryear is well and truly finished. This year's trends reflect bold prints, geometric shapes, and the abundance of nature. In a year as unpredictable as 2020, you should be free to express your personality loud and proud through your summer home decor choices.

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Top Summer Decorations for 2020

Top Summer Decorations for 2020

As we're entering a new decade, fashion is experiencing an overhaul. Where straight, clean lines and plain walls have been riding high for years, prints, multi-tones, and abundance are back. Layer textures and colors indoors and let them grow wild outdoors for the trendiest home decor in town. You can adapt your current design without spending a fortune or go all-out for a full home makeover.

Seasonal decor ideas we'll explore in this article are:

  • Summer wall decoration ideas: Multifunctional spaces, funky prints, and pastel shades
  • Summer door decorations: Crittall and creative summer wreaths
  • Summer table decorations: Incorporating nature and texture into summer mantel decor
  • Outdoor summer decor: Wilderness, water features, and outdoor living space

Summer Wall Decoration Ideas

Summer Wall Decoration Ideas

Some of the summer decorating trends for 2020 have sprung from necessity, such as multifunctional spaces to work from home. Others seem to be the result of a collective need to let our hair down after the extraordinary efforts during the pandemic.

Multifunctional Spaces

Perhaps the most practical trend for this summer is multipurpose spaces, particularly making way for home offices. Make working from home into a design feature and prevent any space in your home from going to waste.

Consider adding an ornate wooden desk in the living room, or make a kitchen dining table double as a weekday workstation. Use screens, soft furnishings, or lighting to effortlessly signal the transformation of the space from daytime to nighttime.

Funky Prints

A quick change of wallpaper and curtains can completely alter any room in the house. Instead of the simple, clean lines we've been thinking along for years, try wallpaper with a floral, animal, or geometric print. Match the rest of your furniture and ornaments to the tones and textures in the print.

Metallic Shades

If you don't have the time or the budget to change an entire room, consider updating your accessories. Whether you're painting kitchen cupboards, changing the towel rail, or getting new curtains, opt for muted metallic shades like rose gold and metallic baby blue.

Summer Door Decorations

Summer door decorations can be as extravagant or pared-back as you like. The trend for metal continues, with steel-framed windows and doors riding high on the list of most sought-after interior design items. That said, in some cases, all you need to update the front door decorations for summer is a gorgeous wreath.

Steel-Framed Windows and Doors

Continuing the current metallic trend, steel windows and doors look modern and elegant and suit pretty much any exterior architecture. They make an excellent backdrop for the louder, more colorful interior design trends of summer 2020. You can match steel fixtures such as light fittings, tables, and even ornaments to bring cohesion to the overall design.

Glorious Summer Wreaths

Families who adore arts and crafts will have a fantastic time making summer wreaths to decorate their front door this summer. You can pick up driftwood or cute items from the dollar store and create a stunning selection of wreaths to display.

Use crepe paper, felt, raffia, baskets, even watering cans to create summer wreaths. You don't have to stick to the traditional wreath frames — get as creative as you like.

Summer Table Decorations

Summer mantel decor is the finishing touch that makes the entire interior design come to life. Don't be shy with summer table decorations and ornaments. This summer, more is more. Plus, as we're becoming more aware of the impact we have on the planet, nature is one of the biggest trends this summer.

Incorporate Nature

Including elements of nature in your interior design is a great way to ease stress and induce calm. Think floral or leaf prints on wallpaper, curtains, and cushions. Make sure you have plenty of hardy houseplants, and use a natural color palette and soft lighting to complete this look.

You can even incorporate a living wall or indoor garden for the most Instagrammable at-home space.

Think About Texture

Texture is more important than ever in 2020 summer decorations. One of the absolute musts of summer fireplace decor is a variety of visual and physical textures. Mix soft ornaments with hard ornaments and include a combination of matte and shiny for a striking overall aesthetic. Layer textures in the same way you'd layer shades and tones of color to be on-trend right now.

Outdoor Summer Decor

Outdoor summer decorating ideas for 2020 mirror the indoor trends almost entirely. Whereas bringing the outside in is hot in interior design, bringing the inside out is the biggest trend in landscaping right now.

Wilderness & Water Features

The numbers of bees, ladybugs, and butterflies are dwindling fast, and it seems like the rigorous preening of our yards might contribute to this. As such, a major trend in 2020 is letting your outdoor space grow into a well-manicured wilderness.

Bringing Tthe Indoors Outdoors

If you've put aside a budget for a big outdoor decorating project, the hottest trends right now are outdoor living rooms and outdoor kitchens. With lots of people working from home, it's vital that space is maximized throughout your property. Taking the indoors out is the ideal way to achieve this.

Summer 2020 is all about rejuvenation, restoration, and abundance. With everything that's gone on, you deserve the interior design and landscaping you've always dreamed of.

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