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  • The Hidden Costs of Buying & Maintaining A Swimming Pool

    A bright swimming pool on a sunny summer afternoon is always filled with smiles, laughs and all around fun. Swimming pools are great for the family and increasing your home’s value, but they also come with many maintenance items that will lighten your pockets.

    By Jacob Hurwith Jan 14, 2016
  • Hot Tub Costs

    Whether it’s for relaxation, health or entertainment, hot tubs provide a home getaway like no other. Surprising to many, hot tub costs are not as high as many assume.

    By Jacob Hurwith Jul 14, 2015
  • How To Enjoy The End Of Summer

    There are easy ways to make the most of the final weeks of summer. Whether it’s taking advantage of a nice day in your pool, lounging in a hot tub, reading a good book or even hosting a Sunday morning tailgate, there are dozens of ways to enjoy what’s left of summer.

    By Jacob Hurwith Oct 3, 2014
  • Benefits Of A Swimming Pool

    Trying to decide if a pool is right for you? Let us help. Are you and your family looking to spend quality and quantity time together? A backyard swimming pool gives you both and much more.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author May 15, 2014
  • 5 Landscaping Ideas For Pool Lovers

    To help your pool blend with the natural landscape of your backyard, it’s important to accent it with décor. Pool lovers can choose from any number of decorations and landscaping items to give their fluid addition just the right form and function.

    By Andrea Davis Apr 21, 2014
  • How To Choose The Right Lights For Your Swimming Pool

    The only way to really take advantage of your pool, both during the day and at night, is by installing colorful and soothing lights all around your pool. All pool owners will have to choose between halogen, fiber optic or LED pool lights.

    By Jacob Hurwith Apr 7, 2014
  • Hot Tub and Spa Benefits

    There are so many benefits to hot tub ownership! Some of the most obvious benefits include relaxation, therapeutic exercise and, of course, just plain fun!

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 22, 2013
  • Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

    There are so many options available to make your hot tub or spa as simple or sophisticated as you want.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 21, 2013
  • Swimming Pool Financing

    Pools are not only beautiful and fun, but add to the value of your home. Building and renovating projects are often financed with a mortgage, much like your home.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 3, 2013
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

    If you are thinking about building a brand new swimming pool, you have likely considered all the required maintenance associated with it.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 3, 2013
  • Swimming Pool Remodeling and Renovations

    Remodeling jobs aren't just for the house anymore. Upgrading the backyard pool is exciting, and it puts new fun and function into the family water park.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 3, 2013