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Thanksgiving Preparation Guide

5 Ideas to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

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By on May 7, 2014
Thanksgiving Preparation Guide

Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough and that means friends and family are heading to your house, leaving you little if any time to prepare your home for its biggest day of the year. The big Thanksgiving meal is only one week away, which means homeowners still have time to update, clean and decorate their homes. ImproveNet has some last minute tips to help prepare your home for Thanksgiving, including quick DIY kitchen remodel ideas, useful for any homeowner who is about to host Thanksgiving Day.

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Update Kitchen Appliances & Check Sink Plumbing

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We realize there is only one week left until Thanksgiving, but professional contractors are able to install a second dishwasher or a prep sink on your large kitchen island in time for Turkey Day. There is not a more hectic and convoluted time of the year than Thanksgiving and a well, laid out kitchen with updated appliances makes everything easier.

Some updates or remodeling ideas you could implement include in-wall double ovens (for those dark and white meat turkeys), countertop-cooking surfaces or that second sink you always wanted. Believe it or not, there are contractors ready to take on these projects even before the holiday. 

Furthermore, this is the Super Bowl for your kitchen garbage disposal. Homeowners need to make sure it is clean and ready for the mountain of food that is headed its way. If there are any issues, you must contact your local plumber. You don’t want your home smelling like leftovers through the long holiday weekend. For more update tips, check out our friends at Houzz.

Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Whether it’s before, during or after the Thanksgiving meal, there is never enough storage in a kitchen around the end of November. If you feel too rushed to completely update your kitchen cabinets, there are easier ways to prepare your kitchen cabinetry for Thanksgiving.

Go out and buy drawer dividers for the extra silverware. Think about installing pullout shelving for your corner cabinets, providing not only more space, but much needed rest on your back as you reach for those pots and pans. Check out our kitchen cabinet cost guide to see what you can expect to spend on your update.

Check Cooking Schedule and Groceries

Long gone are the days when one family member cooks the entire Thanksgiving meal. Aunt Joanne makes the pie, Aunt Andy makes the stuffing and Uncle John makes the great appetizers. Like any big meal, all the pieces must fall into place. Therefore, all homeowners should double check the cooking schedule and make sure every family member knows what is expected of them. After all, if you have that big turkey and no stuffing, there will be some unhappy family members.

Likewise, you as the host need to make sure you have all the groceries and goodies you promised the family. We all have that one uncle who will only eat white meat and if he only sees dark meat, no one will have a good time. Double check your grocery list or pantry and make sure you have everything you promised. Thanksgiving day is too hectic to go on a last-minute shopping spree.

Clean and Organize the Home

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I bet most of our loyal readers would have started with this step, but needless to say, the previous recommendations are a bit more time-consuming, so we wanted to make sure every homeowner started above. Nonetheless, we know homeowners want to portray their home in the best possible light and the only way to do that is to clean and clean often.

Make sure there are no stains on your carpet. Make sure the kids’ homework is not sitting out on the dining room table. Clear out the coat closet to ensure guests have a place to leave their coats, boots and purses. If you want to be a really gracious host, clean the backyard so everyone can play and be a part of one the greatest Thanksgiving traditions that is Thanksgiving football.

As you are cleaning, make note of the number of tables and chairs you have in storage. Chances are, you are going to need all of them, but in case you don’t have enough, homeowners might want to start asking fellow guests to bring their spares.

Store Extra Supplies for Cleaning Emergencies

There is no way around it, but your kitchen and home will get dirty. However, if you are well prepared, you can ensure those stains or smells won’t ruin your entire weekend. Make sure you have more than enough carpet cleaner, paper towels, washcloths, glass cleaner and any other cleaning supplement you frequently use. This way, even when Grandma Harriet spills her wine on your brand new carpet, you can still enjoy your time with family and have a worry-free Black Friday.

Add Thanksgiving Decor

Other than Halloween, Thanksgiving is one of the best times to update and enhance your home with holiday decorations. Chances are, your young ones are partaking in Thanksgiving arts and crafts projects related to Turkey Day, so now is the time to show them off. Better yet, create your own project with the family at home. Whether you are making special Thanksgiving place cards with fall decor, fruit plate servings or even turkey napkins, you can get great Thanksgiving table ideas at BuzzFeed.

There is your complete guide to Thanksgiving preparation. We would love to hear what you are doing to better prepare your home for the tremendous day that is Thanksgiving. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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