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The Best Backyard Fence For Dogs

Consider backyard fence ideas for dogs to help keep your furry friend contained without taking away from the look of your home. ImproveNet is here to connect you to local fence installation professionals.

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A dog is a wonderful addition to the family, but having one means you need to ensure your pet remains safe. You also have a duty to make sure everyone else around your home is safe. Finding the best fence for dogs requires you to think carefully about what attributes you want the fencing to have. Once you know this, you can move forward with your project. 

Before your project begins, you’ll have to determine where you’re going to place the fence. The fencing company you work with will need to know this before they can give you a quote on the project. Consider these points when you’re planning a dog fence for your home’s yard.

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Best Fence For Dogs Options

You have to think carefully about the options for fencing that you have available. Chain link is one choice, but this enables people walking past your home to see the dogs and the dogs to see them. Privacy fences, either wood or vinyl, are also possible. These can prevent people from being able to easily look into the yard, and the dogs might not be able to look out easily. This may help to control barking; however, some dogs will still be on the alert due to sounds they hear coming from outside the fence. Another thing to consider is making sure the fence is high enough that your dog can't jump over it.

Best Wireless Dog Fence Options

Some homeowners don’t want to put up a fence in the front yard but realize they might let the dog outside in that area sometimes. A wireless dog fence is an option for you to consider in this instance. It’s also possible that you may want to add the wireless fence in the backyard if you’re not keen on having traditional fencing in the area.

In order to choose the most appropriate wireless dog fence for your home, you need to think about several points. One of these is that your dog will need to wear a receiver collar so it can be contained. The size of your dog will likely play a role in the system you choose because some options don’t have adjustable intensity for the corrections.

Additionally, remember that you’ll have to check the batteries in the receiver because the corrections will cease if the batteries die. This could leave your dog able to run free at will.

You also need to think about the size of the yard that you’ll need to include in the wireless fence perimeter. While some of the more advanced and stronger systems can contain up to five acres, some less expense options might not work for that amount of land.

Dog Fence Ideas For Backyards

No matter what type of fence you decide to put in the backyard to keep your dog contained, you’ll likely want to dress the area up. While you’re planning this aspect of the project, you need to think about a few points. For some people, having a landscaping professional come in to help you with the job might be beneficial.

Some dogs are very active, so you must find ways to keep the dogs entertained in the yard. Adding elements such as patrol paths can help the dogs stay busy without destroying your items. If you have young or very active dogs, you might consider adding storage elements to the backyard that can house your items so they aren’t chewed or scratched up by the dogs.

You also need to double-check any plants you plan on adding to the backyard to ensure they aren’t poisonous to dogs. Lilies, tulips, English ivy, morning glory, and nightshade are a few that can’t be planted in areas that are accessible to your pups.

Find Local Fence Installation Professionals

Installing a fence for your dogs in the backyard is a big undertaking. You have to make sure the fence you choose meets local building codes and ordinances. You should also ensure that the fence is located on your property, so having a survey might be necessary. It’s also a good idea to discuss the fence with your neighbors before you have it built.

Once you’ve narrowed down backyard fence ideas for dogs to your favorite option, it’s time to find out the price you can expect to pay. ImproveNet connects you to local professionals who can get the job done. Obtaining quotes from more than one professional can help you find the best deal for the best fence for dogs in your area.

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