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The Perfect Bathroom For Your Children

By on Feb 23, 2017
The Perfect Bathroom For Your Children

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A bathroom should be a place unique to you. For kids, this holds true. Children want a space that reflects their personalities as well as a style that can grow with them. Designing a kid’s bathroom for any parent might be a challenge if they are looking at it from a different perspective.

Creating a new bathroom for your children can be a fun project for all. To get you started, here are a few ideas that can inspire the perfect bathroom for your kids.

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Colorful Kids Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Some bathrooms may require a simple coat of paint to make it kid-friendly, others might require a bit more work. Some children need a bathroom that will grow with them. The average cost to remodel a bathroom is $8,748, with most homeowners spending between $6,535 and $9,788.

Kids Bathroom Safety

One of the top priorities in the bathroom is safety. You may not realize it, but there are many hazards in the bathroom that could potentially injure your child. Before you begin decorating, make a few changes to benefit their safety in the bathroom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tile flooring can be a slip hazard. Put down non-slip bathmats to help prevent any falls when moving around the bathroom.
  • Get a cover for the bathtub faucet, as it could injure children who are taking a bath.
  • Water temperature is always a concern. If you have a young child, always test the water before they enter the bath. If your child is old enough to bathe without supervision, consider investing in an LED shower head that changes color based on water temperature.
  • Always store electrical appliances, such as hairdryers and curling irons, out of reach.
  • Small stools can help young children reach the sink safely.

Kids Bathroom Decor

Kids’ Bathroom Color

Color has the power to evoke certain emotions and feelings. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider what colors you will include in your child’s bathroom. For kids’ bathrooms, parents tend to go with bold, primary colors and for good reason! Red is exciting and stimulating for children, while on the opposite end, blue is a calming color. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness and can even help improve concentration in children. Think about how you can incorporate these colors into your child’s bath.

If your child is old enough, it’s a good idea to ask and see what colors they prefer. After all, the bathroom should be a place they enjoy as well. See how you can incorporate their favorite color and make it a special place for all.

Kids Bathroom Themes

Kids’ Bathroom Themes

Some families prefer themed bathrooms. This is helpful in planning the color, décor and other features. Here are some popular childrens' bathroom themes.

  • Ocean or beach themed bathroom
  • Jungle themed bathroom
  • Rubber duck themed bathroom
  • Favorite cartoon character themed bathroom
  • Rainbow themed bathroom

Kids’ Bathroom Décor

If you didn’t decide on a specific theme for the childrens' bathroom, that’s OK. You can enhance the look with a few décor options. The shower curtain is one of the largest decorative elements in the bathroom. Choose this carefully as this can help set the rest of the décor for the room. To give the bathroom a personal touch, frame a few of your child’s drawings or paintings and hang in the room.

Another opportunity you can change to impact the room’s décor is the mirror. There are many fun and practical options out there for a child’s bathroom. The average cost of installing a bathroom mirror is between $179 and $1,290, depending on the style you choose.

Kids Bathroom Accessories

Kids’ Bathroom Accessories

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When it comes to bathroom accessories for a child’s bathroom, the first rule is making sure it’s indestructible. Heavy, breakable soap dispensers and toothbrush holders will not bode well for this area. Plastic bathroom accessories are best and thankfully, they come in an assortment of fun styles to match the décor.

Don’t forget towels and other linens! These should match the rest of your décor items. If there is more than one child using the bathroom, it might be a good idea to have the towels personalized or a separate spot for each child to hang up when they are done. This will eliminate any confusion on using the wrong towel!

Get The Family Involved

One of the best things you can do for your family when redecorating a kid’s bathroom is involving everyone. A lasting memory from my childhood is when my mom had my brother and I help paint our bathroom. She gathered paint in primary colors and we used our handprints all over the walls, strategically placed of course. Simple activities like this help get children involved and increases their creativity. Have them help pick out the colors to making small decorative pieces that can be included in the room.


In the end, a child’s bathroom should reflect who they are and their interests. This will make it more fun when it comes to routines, that they can be in a room they enjoy. You can also create a great experience for your family when working together to create the perfect room.

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