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The Secrets To Home & Apartment Security

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By on Jun 23, 2014
The Secrets To Home & Apartment Security

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While it may not be on top of everyone’s remodeling plans, home or apartment security is easily one of the most important aspects of your humble abode. Many may think that protecting a home vs. an apartment is quite different, but when you break it down, homeowners, condo owners and renters will see that they are really one in the same.

Below, I will discuss the different ways to protect your home or apartment without an alarm system. However, if a home security system would ease your worries, check out The Top Home Security Systems of 2014.

Door Locks

Clearly, the easiest point of entry for any burglar is the door, whether you live in a house or apartment. As I said in 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Home Without A Security System, the difference between a flimsy lockset and a good one is only about $10. Therefore, no one should skim on this necessary home security feature.

If you don’t have an alarm system for your apartment or home, I highly consider a deadbolt or chain lock. Both are much harder to pick than a standard door lock. While it does add extra security, a chain lock lets you talk to the incoming guest without showcasing your entire home. Once again, it’s safer than a door without a chain lock.

How to Protect Your Apartment

Window Locks

Depending on your apartment level, the second most popular point of entry for a home or apartment is the windows. In fact, burglars have been known to climb as high as three stories to get into an apartment.

Nonetheless, whether you’re protecting a condo on the 16th floor or a home on Main Street, you should invest in window locks. Sliding windows have screws that let you drive a screw in the top of the upper track to keep thieves from lifting a gliding window. Several locks let you position them at certain spots within the track, letting you open the window to allow some ventilation without sacrificing any security.

Casement windows have door-bolts and double-hung windows have locking pins. No matter what type of window you have, there is a secure method for protecting your home or apartment.  

Window Blinds

Raggedy and old window blinds are not only ugly to look at, but they present a safety hazard as well. If your blinds lose their shape or start to fade, burglars can easily peek inside and see your valuable possessions. Clearly, once they spot a new watch or a shiny TV, their imaginations run wild.

Therefore, homeowners or apartment renters should install blinds that block the view. Don’t forget to close them before leaving the residence.

Window Blinds

Automatic Timers

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If burglars think you’re home, they will more than likely move on to the next house or apartment. That is why automatic timers are a vital home security line of defense.

When you’re on vacation, you can’t display the vacancy. Burglars and anyone passing your home should always presume that it’s occupied. Whether it’s a 5th-story apartment or the living room at ground level, lights always reinforce occupancy.

To save energy and lower your electric bill, only set your timers in the middle of the day (if darker out) and late at night. Even if you’re sound asleep in the middle of the night, timers that go on for an hour or two will not increase your electric bill too much.

Motion Detection & Security Lights

Believe it or not, you can install motion detection alarms for your apartment. These systems are so advanced that they can sense heat movement within a radius of your choice. Clearly, with an apartment, your radius will be a lot smaller, but nonetheless, it would still come in handy at night.

Moving onto home security, both motion detection and security lights are terrific investments. Both make it that much harder for a burglar to break in unannounced. With a home, you have a much wider radius to cover. Before installing either, be sure to check with your city for permits. Then, check out our DIY Tips for How to Install Home Security Lights.

Security Safe

Even if you follow my other steps above and have the best security system on the block, all homeowners and apartment renters should own a safe. Valuable items like your passport, birth certificate, jewelry, banking information and safe deposit box key are too significant.

Safes vary greatly in price and come in all shapes and sizes. Where there’s a home security budget, there’s a safe for you.


The last security function that applies to both homes and apartments is insurance. G-d forbid a burglar gets away with the deed, you need insurance to recoup some of the losses.

Home insurance is not required, but all homeowners need insurance. Being on ground level, your home is more susceptible to break-ins. Additionally, if you have a mortgage, the bank will likely require you to have home insurance. It’s an added expense, but a necessary one nonetheless.

For renters, check with your landlord. They may have an existing policy, but it most likely won’t cover your personal items. Renters insurance is very affordable and easily worth the investment.

Note: Renters insurance policies usually do not protect you against floods. Make sure you don’t get stuck in this person’s shoes with no insurance.


Whether you’re renting an apartment or just purchased your first home, the same home security tactics apply. Start with the doors and move your way throughout the residence. Make sure all entry and exit points are as secured as possible.

Needless to say, if all the preceding steps are taken, you can sleep soundly knowing you and your loved ones are safe.

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