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The TV Guide: How To Care For Your Television & Accessories

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By on Feb 11, 2018
The TV Guide: How To Care For Your Television & Accessories

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Nowadays, TVs are an essential part of the household. Some families even have more than one. They range in all makes and sizes to fit your lifestyle. If you’ve ever had an issue with your TV or any of its accessories, you understand how frustrating it can be.

With a little television maintenance, you can extend the life and quality of your TV. Start adding regular TV care to your home checklist with this guide on how you can best care for your television and accessories.

Repairs are on the top of the list when it comes to TV maintenance. Get it taken care of. Contact a home theater pro today and receive quotes from contractors in your area, for free.

How To Care For Your TV And Accessories

How To Take Care Of Your TV

Televisions have become staples of the home. In fact, Nielsen estimates that there are approximately 119 Million homes with TVs in the U.S. But for all the many homeowners that own a TV or two, are you doing your best to take care of it? Maintaining your television and accessories can extend its life. Here are some habits to work into your home maintenance routine:

  • Thoroughly cleaning your TV
  • Ensuring your television is in a temperature-controlled and low humidity area
  • Making necessary repairs to your TV
  • Remove dust from all parts of DVD player
  • Make repairs to your sound system
  • Keep your sound system away from heat and sunlight

Cleaning Your TV

Making sure you take time to clean your television will not only help the life of your TV, but also improve the way you watch your favorite shows. As a rule of thumb, avoid household cleaning products, such as glass cleaner, on your TV. Often, these have alcohol or ammonia in them that can ruin your screen. As a surprise for some, paper towels should also be avoided as they can cause scratching. Gently wiping the TV down with a microfiber cloth will easily remove dust from the screen. But if you need to remove finger smudges and grime, specialty electronic wipes are good to have on hand.

Repairing Your TV

If you’re routinely cleaning your TV and you notice something wrong or if you’re watching and it starts to malfunction, it might be time for a tune-up. TV repair can often be cheaper than buying an entirely new unit. Common problems include no sound, no power, frayed wires or the screen shows a faded picture. These can all be repaired with the help of a pro. The average cost to repair a TV is $220, with most homeowners spending between $105 and $334.

Maintain Your DVD Player

Maintain Your DVD Player

While you may stream some of your favorite shows and movies, most households have a DVD player to watch even more. These need routine maintenance as well. You’ll likely want to dust it similarly to your TV with a microfiber cloth. However, it’s a good idea to clean your DVD’s laser lens annually. It's simple to do, but you must be as gentle as possible and use the appropriate materials. Start by unscrewing the top of your DVD player. You should be able to locate the laser lens. Using canned air, remove any dust around it and clean with lens fluid. Replace the top and your DVD player should run like new again!

Maintain Your Sound System

One of the biggest maintenance tasks you’ll have for your sound system is repairs. Most surround sound systems only need to be dusted. But if you notice the sound quality decreasing or another type of malfunction, you’ll want to call a home theater pro who can help. The average cost of home theater services is between $213 and $969, depending on the extent of the work that is needed.

Remote Consolidation

Remote Control Consolidation

Are you tired of having too many remote controls? Especially for visitors, more than two remote controls can be confusing. You can make life much easier by consolidating all your electronics into one universal remote. However, programming a remote can be a challenge if you’ve never done so before. It could be worth it to contact a pro who can take care of it in three hours or less. Depending on how much programming needs to be done, the cost of universal remote-control consolidation could be between $100 and $800.

Upgrade To A Home Theater

If you find that you need more space for all of your accessories, it might be time to upgrade your TV room to a dedicated home theater. You can add even more amenities to make it a comfortable and fun space. Some comfortable seating and theater lighting can really help this room be a unique spot for you to watch all your favorite movies!

Upgrade To A Home Theater


Like anything else in your home, your TV and other electronics do take some time and care to keep in the best shape. To bring you the most value out of the electronics in your home, take the time to clean and repair them. It will make a difference in your home theater!

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