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The Top Home Resolutions You Need To Make In 2016

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By on Jan 19, 2016
The Top Home Resolutions You Need To Make In 2016


The start of the New Year is a popular time to make resolutions. Promises to lose weight, eat healthy, save more money and quit smoking are common goals that we set in order to improve ourselves and our personal life. But, what about making a resolution to improve your living space?

Your home should be your special sanctuary – a place to regroup, rest and reboot. By setting specific goals for your home, you can make your whole year happier and more comfortable. Here are a few DIY ideas to spark your New Year’s resolution list.

Get Your Garage Organized

Your garage is an area within your home that can quickly become a disorganized mess. With multiple family members utilizing this area, it can easily become a dumping ground.

Take back control of your space by installing a shelving unit and designating a spot for everything in your garage, then label the area so that everyone in your family is on the same page. For example, bikes will be in the front right corner, sporting goods will reside on the left wall and tools will be in the back. You can even get more specific by labeling every shelf and hook to make sure everything is in its rightful place!

This will be a good time to sort through items you no longer need. Give items that are in good shape to charity and throw away things that are not of use any more. Then, step back and admire how much space you suddenly have!

Clean Your Gutters

Clean Your Gutters

“I love cleaning my gutters” said no one ever. There is a reason everyone despises this necessary to-do. It’s a dirty, exhausting task that can even be dangerous.

With that being said, cleaning your gutters is still important. If left untouched, leaves and debris will enter and clog your gutters, and you’ll risk having water built up with nowhere to go. This type of moisture can lead to basement flooding, damp walls, soffit and fascia damages and a ton of other expensive problems.

In order to prevent these type of damages, make it a goal to keep an eye on your gutters and clean them two to three times per year. If cleaning gutters disinterests you, consider installing a permanent gutter guard solution, like Leaf Filter, to protect your home from the damages of clogged gutters. Prevention is key when it comes to maintaining a properly working gutter system.

Set Up A Cleaning Schedule

Do you find yourself overwhelmed on the weekends by chores? Deep cleaning your entire house to make up for lost time during the week? In order to not get frustrated on the weekends, consider setting up a cleaning schedule and getting the entire family involved with a cleaning task list.

Perhaps you make small resolutions such as every day the sink will be cleared of dirty dishes and the front entryway will remain tidy. Or, you can even assign a different day of the week to a specific chore. For instance, you can declare Mondays a day to vacuum, Tuesdays you can do laundry and on Wednesdays you can dust and wipe down cupboards. Or, you can choose to focus on a different room each day of the week, focusing on the kitchen on Monday and your bedroom on Tuesday, etc.

Setting up and sticking to a cleaning schedule ensures that you can get your chores done during the week, freeing up your time on the weekends. Enlist your entire family to join in and assign them chores for the day of the week. This will ensure your house gets clean and stays clean. Just be sure to stick with your plan all year!

Swap Out Out-of-Date Fixtures

Swap Out Out-of-Date Fixtures

Look around your home for some areas that may need a quick fix. Maybe your bathroom needs some updating or your kitchen needs to be spruced up. An easy way to transform any room is to update any outdated fixtures.

For example, perhaps you switch out that brass faucet with white knobs in your bathroom, for an elegant stainless steel faucet that is sleek and modern. Or, maybe your kitchen needs some updating, but your cabinets are in great shape, so all you need is new hardware. Even the smallest of change, like changing out your light switch plate, can make a big difference!

Another easy fix to transform a room is to change out any light fixtures. Brass and bulky light fixtures can age a home, while adding track lighting or an elegant pendant light can make your area more attractive. On the bright side, you’ll be adding more light to your home, too, which will make your area feel bigger, brighter and happier.

Go Green: Make Your Home Energy Efficient


You don’t have to install solar energy panels or drive a hybrid in order to go green. In fact, there are several inexpensive ways to increase the safety within your home, while lowering your utility bills.

You can start by replacing all incandescent lightbulbs with LED versions. This saves you money because you will not have to purchase replacement bulbs nearly as often and they use less energy, so you’ll notice a difference on your electric bill!

Additionally, an easy way to make your home energy efficient is to install a programmable thermostat. This way, you are not wasting energy when you are not home, by only running the thermostat at times of the day that you choose.

The last thing that you can do to bolster the safety of your family, and reduce your energy usage, is to install carbon monoxide detectors in the hallway outside bedrooms, in the kitchen and basement. Often overlooked, carbon monoxide detectors are very important when it comes to protecting the health and safety of your family.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient


As you can see, it doesn’t take a ton of time or effort to commit to your home this year. And, you won’t have to dig far into your pockets in order to reap the benefits! A few simple changes, like getting organized, going green and swapping out key hardware features will make a significant difference within your home.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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