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The Top Home Security Systems of 2014

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By on May 29, 2014
The Top Home Security Systems of 2014

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As home security systems get smarter and more advanced by the day, so are burglars looking to enter your home. After all, no matter where you live, there is always a chance that your home could become the victim of burglary or vandalism. Fortunately, alarm systems can be a great way to deter criminals from setting foot on your property.

Be that is it may, there are numerous home security systems out there, all offering a range of prices and unique advantages to you and your family. Your family’s safety should never be taken lightly, so I am here to showcase the five best home security systems of 2014.

The following list was culminated by ImproveNet and Best Home Alarm Systems Reviews research.

Top Home Security

FrontPoint Security Review

Whether you’re looking for a home security system or a good local restaurant, you always want to hear what other customers are saying. Well, when it comes to security, customers can’t say enough about FrontPoint Security.

Their monitoring plans are extremely competitive and they offer a 30-day refund. Overall, their pricing is fair, but a bit above average. Their home security systems are 100% wireless, perfect for both homeowners and renters alike.

They’ve won multiple awards for their customer service and you would be hard pressed to find one negative review. After speaking with customers and researching reviews about FrontPoint Security, it’s easy to see why they were ranked as the No. 1 home security company for 2014.

For more info, give them a call at 855-800-2019.

ADT Security

When it comes to popular home security systems, ADT shoots to the forefront. ADT has over 7 million customers in the United States and a large network of professional installers. ADT has been in the industry for over 100 years and despite advances in home security, they have remained at the top of the class.

ADT offers video surveillance, wireless security, remote access and energy management, which can come in handy since gas prices keep rising.

Once the alarm is triggered, an ADT rep will call to make sure everyone is safe. If not, they will contact the proper authorities.

For more info, give them a call at 877-268-5404.

Protect America

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You should never skim on protecting your family, but if you’re adding a security system on a budget, Protect America is your best bet. 

Protect America offers a wireless security system with a DIY installation model at a very reasonable price. All plans come with free equipment. One of the advantages of Protect America is that they price match any competitive offer.

Additionally, Protect America lets you add other life-saving sensors. You could install sensors for smoke, fires, carbon monoxide and/or help with medical situations. If you want, it can be an all in one system.

For more info, give them a call at 888-305-0285.

LifeShield Security

Home security is all about quickness. The quicker your system or company reacts, the safer you should feel. Well, when it comes to quickness, few beat out LifeShield.

They offer wireless home security systems and have one of the fastest response times in the industry.

LifeShield also does a great job of advancing with the times. They have multiple devices that can contact their central monitoring station in case a burglar enters the home. To protect this unique technology, LifeShield has over 20 patents in the home security industry.

For more info, give them a call at 877-723-3796.


Last but not least is Vivint, perhaps the most tech-savvy company discussed in this article. They do come in on the expensive side, but they offer a very wide range of services. Vivint lets you control your lighting, HVAC, appliances, video and home security. You can even adjust the environment of your home with their mobile app.

Given its technology, the system can get confusing, but they do offer professional installation.

For more info, give them a call at 855-230-6904.


Conducting a simple home security search will yield great results. See what companies your friends and family use. Search other top home security lists. Do it all because when it comes to family safety, nothing can be taken lightly.

If a security system is not in the cards for you, review our 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Home Without A Security System.

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