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Tile Trends 2018

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By on Jan 7, 2018
Tile Trends 2018

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From backsplashes to flooring, tile is a versatile material that can be used in many rooms of the home. It can create a whole new look for your kitchen, bathroom and more. It can also be a quick update depending on the scope of the project. That’s why more homeowners are looking at tile trends more than ever to make sure their home is up-to-date.

Of course, tile can also make a home look dated. Things as simple as changing your backsplash or retiling your shower can make a big difference in updating a room. So, if you’re ready to replace old tile in your home or create a new look, here are the tile trends for 2018.

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Whats Trending In Tile 2018

Tile Trends In 2018

Unlike other home trends you might see, tile trends can change somewhat quickly. This year, there’s a focus on darker and dramatic hues that we’ll certainly see in tile trends throughout every room. Because tile comes in so many variations, choosing the right option can be difficult. Here’s what you’ll be seeing more of in 2018:

  • Metallic Tiles
  • Large Natural Stone
  • Black Tile
  • Circle Mosaic Tiles
  • Moroccan Tile Backsplash
  • Wood Tile
  • Chevron Pattern Tile

Bathroom Tile Trends 2018

Bathroom Tile Trends

When it comes to the bathroom, tile can be used throughout the room. After all, it's mildew and water-resistant, making it the perfect material for this humid space. See some of the bathroom tile trends for 2018:

Metallic Tile Backsplash

Metallic is a hot trend this year, making an appearance in accessories and finishes. So, it makes sense that this trend would carry on to your tile backsplash. Warm, metallic tile colors will be just the right amount of sparkle you need for your bathroom. Often, these will come in a glass tile material. The average cost of glass tiles is between $9.13/sf and $17.89/sf.

Large Tiles

As mentioned in 2018 bathroom trends, more homeowners are looking for larger tile for the ease of cleaning and the seamless look. These larger tiles that are trending can be most often found in the shower, but also as a replacement for the traditional backsplash too. Stone tiles are a popular choice for the larger variety and choosing a darker grout is key.

Black Tile

A trend that’s new this year is black tile. After the popularity of white subway tile, this may come as a surprise. But darker colors are hot in 2018 and black tile can help to give your bathroom a timeless look.

Kitchen Tile Trends 2018

Kitchen Tile Trends

The kitchen is another area where tile is popular, mostly when it comes to the backsplash. Tile is an easy cleanup option for those spills and splatters that happen when cooking. Here’s what you’ll be seeing in 2018:

Round Tile Backsplash

You may have noticed this gaining in popularity the last few years but round tile will truly hit it’s peak in 2018. These small sized mosaic tiles add an incredible level of detail to your kitchen. Mix and match colors and patterns to get the look. The average cost of a mosaic tile backsplash is between $31.25/sf and $48.75/sf.

Moroccan Tile Backsplash

Looking for a splash of style for your kitchen? The trendy Moroccan tile backsplash is hot this year. From colorful ceramic tiles to uniquely-shaped fireclay tiles. This backsplash will give your kitchen a chic look that will last.

Tile Flooring Trends

If you’re ready to spruce up your floors this year, tile can be a great option for almost any room in the home. Here’s what tile flooring trends you’ll be seeing in 2018:

Wood Tile

Wood flooring is a great look, but not suitable for high-moisture areas. At last, there is a solution. Look-alike wood tile is a popular trend this year that’s the perfect solution to incorporating a rustic look into your kitchen or bathroom.

Chevron Pattern Floor Tile

Want to give your room a unique look? Arrange your tile flooring in a chevron pattern to get the hottest look right now. Subway tiles or rectangle marble tile is a great material to use for the chevron pattern.

Dark Grout

As homeowners look to keep their tile looking clean and chic, many are turning to darker grout that stands out among lighter tile. This goes for the kitchen, bathroom and floor tile. Even though a darker grout will show less dirt and grime, you should still have it cleaned regularly, especially in the bathroom. The average cost to clean tile and grout is $412, with most homeowners spending between $305 and $451.

What’s Out

With new tile trends are emerging, you may start to see some go away in the next year. Here are the predictions for what tile trends are on their way out:

  • Subway Tile Backsplash
  • Ceramic Tile Countertops
  • Small Glass Tiles
  • Terracotta Tiles


With so many variations of tile, it can be hard to choose what’s best for your home. A good place to start is with the latest trends for the year. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a new tile update can change the look of your room!

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