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Timeless Backsplash Ideas For Your Bathroom

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By on Oct 5, 2017
Timeless Backsplash Ideas For Your Bathroom

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If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it’s likely you want to make an investment that will stand the test of time. After all, if you’re planning to sell your home, a bathroom can truly make or break a sale. While you can add your personal touch in some areas, the bathroom backsplash is an element that you’ll want to make sure is timeless.

If your bathroom is old and outdated, a new backsplash could be the budget-friendly option you’re looking for. There are plenty of timeless backsplash ideas that can fit your style. So, for a simple upgrade or a complete remodel, here are a few bathroom backsplash ideas.

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Elements Of A Timeless Bathroom Backsplash

Elements Of A Timeless Bathroom Backsplash

For those who are looking to improve their home’s value or simply want to create a classic look in the home, a timeless bathroom backsplash can help. While everyone’s styles are different, a timeless backsplash can create a look that works with any style. If you’re planning on selling your home, this is certainly something to consider. Here’s what makes a great timeless backsplash:

  • Use neutral colors.
  • Choose long-lasting, quality materials.
  • Match the grout to the tiles you choose.
  • Standard shapes and sizes work best.

Natural Stone Bathroom Backsplash

1. Stone Bathroom Backsplash

Stone is a wonderful, long-lasting addition to any bathroom. It’s a very classy touch that fits in with almost any decorative style. It also adds a texture to the walls, with every tile having a unqiue surface. Travertine is a great natural stone option for your bathroom. It’s low-maintenance and durable. The average cost of travertine tile is $15/sf, with most homeowners spending $3/sf minimum and $30/sf maximum.

Glass Tile Bathroom Backsplash

2. Glass Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Often, bathroom sink backsplashes come in contact with water and hygiene products. Finding a backsplash that is easy to care for is a must. Glass tile is the perfect choice for those with bathrooms that see a lot of traffic from various family members. It’s the easiest backsplash to clean and won't stain like other choices. There’s also plenty of variety. The average cost of glass backsplash tile is between $9.13 and $17.89.

3. Mosaic Tile Bathroom Backsplash

If you’re thinking about a timeless bathroom, mosaic tile might not be your first choice. But don’t underestimate what a beautiful look it can bring to the room. Try mixing black and white mosaic tiles for a classic look. Stick to straight lines and patterns instead of an abstract design.

The downside to a mosaic tile backsplash is that it can be a more expressive choice. The average cost for a mosaic glass tile backsplash is between $31.25/sf and $48.75/sf.

Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

4. Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

While subway tile has been a hot look to have in recent years, it’s truly a timeless look that’s not going away. Typically, ceramic tile comes in a rectangle shape and is a popular choice in all areas of the bathroom, specifically the backsplash. While they now come in a variety of colors and finishes, white and glossy is the choice to make if you want your bathroom to be in style for years to come. The average cost of a subway tile backsplash is between $6.86/sf and $13.03/sf.

Marble Bathroom Backsplash

5. Marble Tile Backsplash

Creating a spa-like bathroom will always be a feature that homeowners long for. After all, a bathroom can easily be a retreat away from the stress of life, if styled correctly. Tumbled marble tile can contribute to a relaxing and restful feel. However, there is some maintenance required, especially when used in the bathroom. Sealing it once a year will prevent water from staining the tile and other damages. The average cost of tumbled marble tile is between $8.45/sf and $16.07/sf.

6. Ceramic Tile Backsplash

For a look that is extremely versatile and can be found in almost any style, ceramic tile is a great choice. It’s an affordable choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom. However, be aware that ceramic tile can break, leaving you to repair or replace the tile as needed. The average cost of ceramic tile is between $0.49/sf and $15/sf.

DIY Or Contact A Pro

DIY Or Contact A Pro?

Depending on the type of tile you choose, you may have the option to install it yourself. Ceramic and subway tile lends itself well to a DIY bathroom backsplash project that you can likely complete in a weekend or two. However, for other types of materials or if you simply don’t feel confident in your DIY skills, it’s best to leave it to a pro. After all, if you’re making an investment in your bathroom that will stand the test of time, you want to make sure it’s perfect!


A bathroom backsplash is an important feature that can change the entire look of the room. It can become a selling point if you’re looking to put your home on the market. Make sure you have a look that will never go out of style with these bathroom backsplash ideas.

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