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Tips For Long Distance Moving

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By on May 7, 2018
Tips For Long Distance Moving

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A move can be quite a transition for any family, but even more so when it’s a long-distance trip. From a new job to living near relatives, there are plenty of great and exciting reasons to move long distances. Whatever the reason may be, unfortunately, it doesn’t make it any less stressful.

A great long-distance move starts with exceptional planning. To help you prepare for a smooth transition, here are a few tips for long distance moving.

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Long Distance Moving List

Long Distance Moving List

Moving is a big deal for families large and small. It’s a big transition with many to-do lists and emotions. While you can celebrate the journey of a new adventure, you’ll also want to prepare to have the most successful move as possible. Sometimes, fear and worry can get in the way of getting the job done.

“Moving long distance can be an exciting yet a nerve wrecking experience. It's best to get everyone involved in the planning process so that no one feels left out or out of control, especially if any members of the family are not happy about the move,” Angela Gonzalez, operations and quality manager at Unpakt, said. “If you can, begin the planning process at least two months before the desired move date to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the work involved. Starting early will give you enough time to purge and tie up all affairs for your current location.”

Start with a night to get everyone on the same page and explain the steps that you’ll need to take as a family. Not only will you need to cancel services at your current home, but you’ll need to get utilities started in your new house during this time. By creating a list of all you need to do, you’ll make sure all is accounted for.

Finding A Long Distance Moving Company

One of the trickiest parts of a long-distance move is finding a reputable company to do so. Unlike standard moving, there are two ways you can move your belongings long distance; consolidated and dedicated consolidated. The cheapest option is consolidated, but there are a few points to consider. Your belongings will be shipped alongside other peoples' boxes as well. Homeowners must be flexible with the arrival date, as items can arrive within a window.

Although consolidated is a more popular option due to cost, Gonzalez suggests the alternative as the best route for homeowners who want a successful long-distance move. “If you can afford it, dedicated shipment can be the best option as this means the movers will ship only your items onto the truck and drive straight to your new location. For example, a move from NY to CA can be delivered in about a week,” she said. “Also, there will be fewer chances for damages or missing items to occur with this option since your items will not be held with other shipments.”

Budgeting for A Long Distance Move

Budget For A Long Distance Move

While you may be thinking about all the remodeling you’d like to complete on your new home, don’t forget to consider the cost of your move. Long distance moving is not cheap. The average cost to hire a moving service is $699, with most homeowners spending between $488 and $780. You’ll also want to take into account the amount of money you’ll need to transport your family, accommodations and food if you’re traveling by car.

To see the full guide on how you can budget for this transition, read Pre-Move Expenses To Plan.

Preparing Your Family For A Long Distance Move

As I mentioned earlier, a long-distance move can be emotionally draining on your family. It’s stressful to get everything prepared and sad to be leaving a place you’ve grown to call “home.” Children may have a hard time with such a large transition. Be sure to check in and ask how they are feeling about it. Getting them involved with simple moving or home improvement tasks can help them accept this transition more.

Practically speaking, you’ll want to start looking for school and activity enrollment before your actual moving day. When you get to your new home, you’ll want to focus on getting your boxes unpacked and less on the logistics of getting the kids off to school.

Common Long Distance Moving Mistakes

Common Long Distance Moving Mistakes

Of course, there are plenty of mistakes you can make when trying to coordinate everything at once. Gonzalez said one of the bigger mistakes she sees is homeowners not having a backup plan.

“Home buying or selling process is usually never seamlessly done and homeowners tend to confirm the moving arrangements before the sale or purchase of the home is finalized,” she said. “Preparation is key and always have a backup plan in case the sale isn’t followed through. “

Another common mistake homeowners make when moving is packing things that shouldn’t be. Did you know that movers won’t move nail polish or charcoal? These are things you’ll have to get rid of or move. You should also never pack laptops, important documents, medicine or jewelry into your moving truck. These are items you should move on your own.

Many other personal belongings are just fine but should be packed with care regardless. “When packing linens and clothes, line the boxes with garbage bags and seal the garbage bag securely to protect the clothes/linens from debris during the move,” Gonzalez said.


A long-distance move can be difficult for everyone involved. But, it’s sure to be worth it when you reach the destination of your new home. Use a few of these tips to have a seamless moving experience.

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