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Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Half Bath

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By Katie Carlson on Aug 3, 2016
Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Half Bath

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A half bath is one of those rooms in the home that you’re glad to have, but one you're either not sure how to decorate or how to us the space to its full potential. Powder rooms come in all different shapes and sizes. You’ll be glad to know that size doesn’t matter with the tips I’m going to offer up.

While it may not be as great as your master bath, a half bath is one space that’ll get seen and used by all, including guests. Let this room be your chance to set the tone for the rest of your home and make it amazing. See tips for making the most out of your half bath and how to make your dream powder room a reality.

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Dresser Vanity

Focus on Functionality

The number one goal for your powder room is to make sure that whatever changes you apply will make it more functional. Zero in on determining the purpose of the room, including for family and guests. At a minimum, your powder room should have a toilet, sink and mirror. Installing a vessel sink will give you extra counter space, while a dresser vanity provides more storage room. Also, make use of the space outside the door with items such as a bench, bookshelf or storage closet. These are little adjustments that’ll help you get the most out of the room.


Invest Time & Money

Although I like to save time and money too, I also realize that there are benefits that come with investing. The kitchen and bathrooms should get the most tender, love and care in all homes. They’re the most important rooms for raising resale value and they attract the most foot traffic. Your half bath is one room where it’s okay to go the extra mile. Updates, upgrades and fine materials go a long way.

Floor Space

Free Up Floor Space

Don’t overlook the value of freeing up your floor space. A floating vanity and a few hooks will do the trick. This is especially important if you have fancy floors to show off or are working with a small area. Create more room for moving around and less of a chance for tripping.

Decorate Around Design

Build Around Bad Designs

Maybe you’ve put off decorating your half bath because you aren’t thrilled with the shape or design. While this can be tricky, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not making the most of the room. For example, in the image above, the neutral paint and textured wall do a great job of bringing your attention away from the ceiling drop.

Blue Paint

Apply New Paint

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, paint is always a sure way to instantly transform a room. Old, chipped paint is unattractive and distracting. It’s the catalyst to implementing bigger and better things in your bath. This is also your chance to set the tone, mood and add a pop of color, if you choose.

Wow Factor

Create A Wow Factor

You know when you’re at a party and someone walks in the room and you step back and catch yourself thinking, wow. This is also a technique you can implement in your half bath. A fancy backsplash, bold light fixtures or vibrant wallpaper are just a few ways to create a wow factor.

Large Mirror

Incorporate Glass & Mirrors

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A glass sink, vanity, countertop and large mirrors trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is. These features are also an easy way to make your bathroom feel sleek and sophisticated. I’m not sure there are any women who would complain about having extra mirrors in their bathroom. If you need more storage, installing a mirror with a cabinet will kill two birds with one stone.


Pay Attention to the Details

A crystal door knob here and a bold faucet there are small details that’ll take your bathroom décor up a notch. Pick apart every little detail and put some thought behind how you can make each item better. A cute powder room sign and attractive scents require clever thinking but not a lot of effort. Several small upgrades will come together to produce a beautiful bigger picture.


Install the Right Lighting

The right lighting is key to any bathroom. Don’t skimp on your half bath just because it’s not your main bath. Offer yourself options to set the mood or draw in more light depending on the time of day. Mix beautiful light fixtures with recessed lighting on a dimmer switch. See our bathroom lighting article, Replacing, Selecting and Installing, for more ideas.


Mix Textures

Decorating with texture is easier than it sounds. Incorporating a variety of surfaces and layering is fundamental to getting texture right. It’ll make your home feel more inviting and look more interesting. Combining materials and items like brick, wood, stone, rugs and textured walls are all ways to achieve this design trend.


Fall in Love with Designs & Patterns

Another way to draw in texture is with various designs, patterns and shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match both colors and styles. Your countertops, walls, floors and ceiling are all ideas for how to work in more patterns and designs.


Vertical stripes not only look amazing, but they’ll make your ceilings look higher. With walls like this, there’s not much else you’ll need to add. Paint or installing wallpaper will do the trick.

Bright Bath

Brighten It Up

Bring some life to your powder room with bright and bold colors and pieces. A dazzling mirror, a backsplash or unique artwork will create a bathroom that’ll wake you up in the morning. A cheery, bright bathroom will put you in the mood to seize the day and get more done.

Long Counter

Extend Counter Space

Looking for additional counter space or a twist on the standard vanity top? Make your counters more useful by extending them over the toilet or curving them around the room. No one ever said all counters had to be square and boxy.


Keep it Clean

When referring to a bathroom, cleanliness counts more than ever. Keep your bathroom clean, organized and clutter free to get the most out of it. When everything’s in its place the room looks bigger, better and more inviting. Loop this room into your cleaning routine so you’re always prepared in case of any surprise visitors.


Turn it into A Relaxing Retreat

Haven’t you always wanted your own spa? Well, now you can right in your own home! Why not use the extra space in your half bath as a sanctuary filled with good vibes and healing products. Adding plants, candles and scents will put you on the right track to crafting a tranquil and soothing spot to relax.

Guest Bath

Prepare for Guests

If you have the space to sleep a few extra guests, then you can guarantee they’ll be looking for a bathroom to use. The half bath is a great spot to point them for brushing their teeth, washing their face and using the restroom to freshen up. A welcome basket with extra supplies and additional towels are great ways to make your guests feel comfortable.


Glam it Up

Another appealing technique for getting the most out of your half bath is to make it super glamourous. Golds, antiques, wrought iron and flashy window treatments will help you step it up to another level. There’s nothing wrong with being chic and fabulous, including in your bathroom.


Add A Window

Adding a window may seem like a big task at first, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan and budget accordingly. Natural light, fresh air and nature will turn your half bath from a dark hole into a bright and breezy, open sanctuary. The window doesn’t have to be that big, it just needs to draw in a little light.

Floating Shelves

Float & Climb the Walls

The key here is to build up and make use of extra wall space. Floating shelves, hooks and installing cabinets are perfect for a half bath. You’ll be shocked at how much more storage room you have when you utilize the back of your door and blank walls.


Add Furniture

Adding furniture to your half bath can be as simple as a small side table or a large sitting chair. It depends on how much space you have to work with and what you think would be useful to you. Make use of corners and odd spaces by filling them with something attractive and decorative.


Would you ever have guessed that your half bath had so much potential to be better without a full remodel? Hopefully there are a few ideas in here that’ll help you see your half bath in a whole new light and inspire you to make a few uplifting changes. Your goal should be to make several small tweaks that as a whole make a big difference.

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