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Top 10 Bathroom Sinks

By on Mar 13, 2019
Top 10 Bathroom Sinks

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You don’t need to do a full bathroom remodel to be thinking about a new bathroom sink. It’s an update that I’m sure any outdated bathroom can benefit from, especially if your current sink is sporting a hue that was popular in the 1960s. (I’m looking at you mint green and pastel pink!)

The good news is that a new bathroom sink can be an affordable upgrade, but there are many options. I’m here to help you sort through the many sink styles available with this list of ImproveNet’s top 10 bathroom sinks.

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Bathroom Sink Costs

While a large percentage of your total budget will come from the actual purchase of the bathroom sink, varying depending on the material, you’ll want to budget for the installation as well. If you plan on going from a single bathroom sink to a double bathroom sink, you’ll have to account for possible additional plumbing you'll need as well. On average, the cost of a bathroom sink is between $30 at the minimum and $1,500 at the maximum, uninstalled.

You can see here that there is a significant price gap. Materials, size, and style of the sink can change the price considerably. For example, a new pedestal sink can cost around $600 at the high-end while a simple undermount sink can cost $167. Given these price differences, it’s a good idea to figure out your budget so you can find the best sink for your bathroom. Below are my top recommendations for best bathroom sinks!

For complete transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through the links below will result in a small commission for ImproveNet, at no extra cost for you.

1. Bathroom Undermount Sink

If you’re anything like me, saving space on the bathroom vanity is crucial. That’s why I love the look of undermount sinks. It gives a sleek, clean look to any style. That’s why when choosing the best bathroom sink, my pick had to be the Kohler Ladena Undermount Bathroom Sink with a unique curved bottom. Any bathroom will look chic with this sink!

2. Bathroom Pedestal Sink

If you’re looking for a bathroom trend on the rise, the pedestal sink is making a comeback. Keep it classic with the Kohler Memoirs pedestal sink, in white. It will go great in any black and white bathroom!

3. Large Basin Bathroom Sink

Sometimes called Trough bathroom sinks, this large sink style is a huge hit, especially if you want duel faucets. It can be the perfect look for a chic modern bathroom or a rustic farmhouse style, depending on the hardware you choose to accompany it. Check out this unique stone large basin sink by Native Trails. Inc. It’s sure to make a statement in any bathroom!

4. Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are best for bathrooms that need an eye-catching, stand out element. You can get vessel sinks in so many unique shapes and sizes that it’s easy to find one to match your current style! The Vigo Vinca Matte Stone Vessel Sink with Rubbed Bronze faucet is sure to be the focal point of your bathroom.

5. Drop-In Bathroom Sinks

Contrary to popular belief, the drop-in sink doesn’t have to be plain. For example, the Sinkology Edison Drop-In Hammered Nickel oval sink will add a little bit of sparkle to your bathroom, with a unique material that’s a great alternative to the ceramic typically used in bathrooms.

6.  Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

More often, due to the rise of popularity in remodeling for accessibility, homeowners are opting for wall mount sinks. While they might require more plumbing work, its an investment worth making. The Kohler Pinior Wall-Mount sink will have you saying goodbye to your boxy vanity in no time!

7. Double Bathroom Sink

Do you share a bathroom? If the answer is yes, you need a double bathroom sink to make the mornings even smoother. I love the look of this White Marble Bathroom Vanity Top, especially how the counter curves into the sink to eliminate any extra splash or mess.

8. Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

Want to incorporate the farmhouse look in your bathroom? Having a sink that fits the bill is a must. Getting this style installed is best if you’re getting new bathroom cabinetry and countertop redone as well, as it can change the shape of your vanity. The Xena Farmhouse Ceramic Rectangular bathroom sink is my pick for the best farmhouse bathroom sink.

9. Copper Bathroom Sink

One of the top trends this year is mixed metallics. For a feature that stands out, try installing a copper bathroom sink. The Sinkology Seville Drop In Copper bathroom sink is an easy way to get the fabulous look in your bathroom.

10. Glass Bathroom Sink

Glass bathroom sinks are a chic addition to any bathroom. However, it will take some upkeep to stay clean regularly. If you plan on installing a glass sink in your bathroom, I recommend a vessel style. The Avanity Clear Tempered Class sink is simple, but not understated. Its elegance will be noticed as soon as you enter the bathroom.


There you have it. Our top 10 bathroom sinks for style and function. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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