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Trendy Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

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By on Feb 22, 2016
Trendy Apartment Interior Decorating Ideas

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With all of the possibilities to make the space your own, decorating your apartment can be a fun project. But if you don’t know what you want to do, simply going to Pinterest for inspiration can be overwhelming.

So many ideas with so little time! That’s why we have a few great, trendy and easy ideas for apartment interior decorating. These ideas can help you make your apartment look more inviting, more interesting and more like “home.”

Table Runner

Use Prints As Fun Accents

Using prints as accents means you don’t have to commit to any one specific look for too long. This is perfect for when you want to change things up. Ways to do this can include using trays as places to catch your knickknacks (keys, the mail, etc.). Or use throw pillows on your sofa and bed in unique prints and patterns.

Find out if you’ve got a bit of leeway with your landlord or property managers and see if you can change the color of the walls. If so, try painting a chevron wall or using wallpaper in your favorite pattern.

Table Decor

Building A Bar Cart

Show off your more interesting bottles with a bar cart. Bar carts are becoming more and more popular, and for great reasons. Not only do you have an instant view of anything you’re running low of, they’re also a great station to put everything during a party. So there is no need to stash everything on a crowded counter in the corner of the kitchen.

Find a unique one at an antique store in your area, or get creative and customize one from a big-box store like Ikea.

Shelf Fabric

Cover Plain Shelves with Unique Fabrics

If you’re bound to a rental agreement that doesn’t let you paint, you may think you’re stuck with regards to fun ways to introduce more color to a room. However, you can easily incorporate some visual interest into your apartment’s interior. You can cover your plain shelves with some interesting fabric you like.

This can give you the ability to do more than just paint them for color. You can use textures or patterns, or use unexpected materials. These materials could be faux-leather or glitter vinyl to make your otherwise mundane shelving a lot more eye-catching.

Color-Organized Bookshelves

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If you’re a bookworm and have a lot of them in your home, one creative and trendy way to dress up bookshelves is by organizing your books by color. Try to create either a gradient look, a rainbow look or simply a color-blocked, organized bookshelf. This is easy and costs basically nothing (unless you need to purchase a bookcase, that is). And it’s a great way to dress up bookshelves.

Set Up A Gallery Wall of Art & Photos

Gallery walls are the perfect way to showcase a bunch of smaller pieces of art or your favorite photos of friends and family. You can choose interesting frames from your local craft store or thrift store. Or purchase ones specifically for this project (hint: spray paint can change up any frame you deem to be “not quite interesting enough”).

Then arrange them in a unique way across a large wall. It’s a great way to show off a number of different pieces that are important to you. And it looks more visually captivating than one large piece of art.

Use Area Rugs to Spice Up Otherwise Simple Rooms

If you want a great statement piece in a room in your apartment, a large area rug is the perfect fit. Choose one that you think you’ll like for at least a few years. Then, make sure it’ll fit in with the other fixtures in the room—your bed, the couch, etc. Bright colors and large patterns are great for area rugs.


A Variety of Throw Pillows for Neutral Furniture

Create luxurious looking seating and bedding areas in your home by clustering a variety of throw pillows with different colored and patterned pillow covers. Use different shapes and sizes if you can, as well, for additional interest.

Throw pillows with unique pillow covers can be an easy and quick way to change the look and feel of an entire room. And it’s fairly easy to find something that matches your taste. Virtually anything you think of can be made into a throw pillow.

Install Floor Length Curtains in Coordinating Shades

If you have a smaller space, using floor length curtains can give the illusion of a larger room. Make sure the curtain rod spans a length that’s wider than entire window so that the curtains don’t seem too overwhelming. The key to making the space look bigger is giving the illusion that the window is very wide.

Dinner Table

Get Contact Paper for Major Appliances or Furniture

Another trendy decorating idea that’s becoming more popular is affixing contact paper to things like dresser drawers or refrigerator doors. This gives them an ultra-modern, super interesting look. The contact paper can be as simple as something that looks like faux-stainless steel to make appliances look high end. Or they can be your favorite animal pattern. Zebra print refrigerator anyone?


Decorating your apartment can be a fun endeavor, but it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed when there are so many ideas out there. Keep the overall look you want for your apartment in mind. Do you want classic, bold, modern, funky or something else entirely?

Decide whether you want to decorate using bright colors, fun patterns or easily-interchangeable objects like photos, pillows or area rugs. Creating new looks in your apartments that can change as your tastes do is the perfect way to make your apartment consistently feel fresh and inviting. Make it somewhere you enjoy living!

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