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Unconventional Ways To Decorate Your Master Bath

By on Jul 24, 2017
Unconventional Ways To Decorate Your Master Bath

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A master bathroom is a space you should love. Generally, it’s a private bathroom that’s just for your use, which means it truly should be an oasis for you and the décor should reflect that.

With décor options reaching beyond the bathroom, many homeowners are turning to objects and elements you may find in other rooms to include in their space. If you’re looking to transform your master bathroom into a unique space, we have a few unconventional bathroom decorating ideas for you to try.

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Interior Designer Costs

Interior Designer Costs

There are endless options for your master bathroom. If you want to create a truly unique design, you might want to consider hiring an interior designer. They can recommend the best materials and décor for your dream bathroom. That alone could be worth the investment. The average cost to hire an interior designer is $4,735, with most homeowners spending between $2,008 and $4,927.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas

1. Use Chalkboard Paint

If you haven’t tried it yet, chalkboard paint is a hot idea for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to the room. While it’s commonly found in home offices and kitchens, a more interesting way to use it is in the bathroom. If you love to draw and get creative, it can be your own unique touch to the space. Paint a small section or an accent wall, but don’t forget the chalk to give it your own design!

2. Repurpose An Old Dresser

Do you have old furniture you’re not sure what to do with? Dress it up with a fresh coat of paint and include it in your master bathroom. It’s an elegant way to store bathroom necessities like toilet paper, washcloths and more. You can also add a mirror to it and it can become a sophisticated vanity where you can get ready for the day.

Master Bathroom Towel Holder

3. Create Towel Storage

There are many unique ways to use items that you wouldn’t instinctively consider for the bathroom. For towel displays and storage, there are no rules, so feel free to take a look around your home or your local secondhand store to get an idea of what might be unique to you. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • A wine rack can be used to hold rolled up towels for guests.
  • An old, clean ladder can lean against a wall and hang clean towels.
  • Faux animal antlers can function as a towel hook, but make sure it’s a quality material!

Master Bathroom Decor

4. Install A Chandelier

Trends show that large light fixtures are popular this year and that goes for any room in the home. A statement light fixture, like a chandelier, can really make your bathroom more elegant and sophisticated with this one simple upgrade. The average cost to install a light fixture is $421, with most homeowners spending between $177 and $328.

5. Create A Mural

For those who want to feel like they’ve stepped into their favorite place when they enter the bathroom, adding a mural could be a great choice. Maybe you’d like the serenity of a beautiful landscape, or as if you’re in the middle of your favorite city. A mural is unique to your interests and is an out-of-the-ordinary way to dress up your master bathroom. The average cost to paint a mural is $1,221.

Master Bathroom Plant Stand Decor

6. Use A Plant Stand For Accessories

Think outside of the box. Plant stands come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, making it a great choice to blend into décor anywhere. The reason it works well in bathrooms is that they're typically smaller in size and narrow, making it easy to work into your bathroom décor. However, using it to place a plant on is optional! I love the idea of using the surface as a place to keep Q-tips, washcloths and other items.

Master Bathroom Sunburst Mirror

7. Dress Up Your Mirror

If you like to DIY, consider a few ways to dress up your mirror or even replace an old one. Consider installing crown molding around it to frame it and really make it pop. Or, if you feel like a replacement might be better suited for your space, you’re in luck. The average cost to install a new mirror is $266, with most homeowners spending between $175 to $286.

A sunburst mirror is very popular right now due to the mid-century modern comeback. If you don’t want to buy one for your bath, you can make one! Check out this tutorial from Small Home Love.

8. Use A Rug

Have you ever considered using an area rug in your bathroom? It’s a great way to add a pop of color and comfort to the room. Keep it away from any potential spaces where it can get wet, such as right next to the shower.


Your master bathroom shouldn’t be bland. You can turn it into something you love and is unique to you. Think outside of the common bathroom features to create something that’s truly luxurious.

Looking for more ways to dress up your bathroom? Read 10 Dreamy Bathroom Amenities for more inspiration.

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