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Uncork The Possibilities: 5 DIY Wine Cork Projects

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By Katie Carlson on Jun 20, 2015
Uncork The Possibilities: 5 DIY Wine Cork Projects

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Drinking wine is fun, but making things with wine corks is even more fun! Why not make use of your old wine corks instead of throwing them out? You can get creative, explore a new DIY project and enjoy the outcome of the décor around your house. It’s a win-win situation.

We dug deep and came up with five unique DIY wine cork projects that are sure to spark your interest. Start collecting your corks in one spot and when you have enough to start one of these projects you’ll have an enjoyable, and possibly entertaining, experience to share. After you’re done with your project, you can share the idea with your friends and post images to social media so others can learn to reap the benefits of their wine corks too.

Napkin Ring

1. Napkin Ring

The first item I’d like to share with you is a wine cork napkin ring. I thought this was so cute and very practical! Why spend money on new holders when you can make them right in your own home by following a few simple steps. This idea comes to us from The Brass Paperclip Project. To get this look, all you need are cork slices, needle and thread and small beads.

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Start by slicing the corks. You should yield about three corks per napkin ring and eight slices per cork. Use your needle and stretchy thread to alternate threading corks and beads until you have a six-inch thread. Tie off with a tight surgeon's knot, making sure that the last bead and cork are touching. Repeat as needed to make as many napkin rings as you want and set your table!

Cheese Spreaders

2. Cheese Spreader, Serving Tray & Glitter Wine Stopper

Nothing goes better with wine than fancy cheese. With this DIY project, you’ll be sprucing up your old cheese spreaders, serving tray and wine stoppers in no time. You can fancy up your spreaders with both wine and champagne corks so that you end up with two different, but unique, looks.

Wine Stopper

It’s true that everyone needs a little sparkle in their life. I absolutely fell in love with the glitter wine stoppers I found on Kollabora, Inc! In just a few easy steps you’ll be adding spunk to your otherwise boring cork tops and wowing your guests. These corks definitely communicate that it’s party time!


3. Backsplash

The next time you’re thinking about switching up your kitchen or adding a little backsplash, look no further than your wine cork stash. If you don’t want to add a backsplash to your entire kitchen, you can pick a small wall space near your glasses or bar area to install your corks. This picture gives you a good idea of how fantastic a wine cork backsplash looks in a homeowner’s kitchen. If you’re interested, click here for some guidance that will help get you started.

Table Top

4. Furniture

Check out this charming side table. Covering the top portion of any furniture piece with wine corks certainly adds charisma. You can even play with the color of the corks so that they complement the legs of the table and floors like the corks in this example.

5. Home Decor

Let’s not forget about all of the different ways you can use wine corks as décor in your home. See below for some interesting and artistic DIY wine cork home décor ideas.

Planter Magnets

Magnetic Cork Planter

These cork planters pictured above are pretty amazing! They’re easy to make and are great fridge magnets.



Instead of shopping around for new ornaments this season, create your own! They will be a unique and attractive addition to your tree.



Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. You can use wine corks to fancy up your dining area or decorate your living room.


Cork Monogram

Monograms are very popular right now! Use a DIY wine cork monogram as a statement piece in your home.

Note: Glue the corks to a letter base (available at Hobby Lobby). Cut corks to fit into any remaining gaps.



Long gone are the days of using paper and markers to create a sign. Grab your wine corks and create unique signs for your next party.

Painted Wall Art

Hand Painted Wine Bottle and Glass On Cork 

How remarkable is this painting?! The best part is that it’s something anyone can do right at home. Get your corks and some paint and get to work!


Vase Filler/Centerpiece

These centerpieces can be used at weddings and dinner parties. All you need is an empty vase, some old wine corks and pretty flowers. What a great look!


It’s time to start collecting your wine corks. DIY wine cork projects are an easy way to unleash your creative side and add a little bit of character to your home. Give a few of these ideas a try and you’ll see just how talented you really are! 

If wine corks aren’t your thing, but you’d still like to switch up the interior design of your home, we can help you out. Click here to see the cost of hiring an interior designer and we’ll send you quotes in your area.

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