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Unique Home Improvement Hacks

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By on Dec 14, 2015
Unique Home Improvement Hacks

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Being a homeowner isn’t easy. It’s time consuming, especially with the other obligations we have in our lives like work, families and friends. Nowadays, everyone is looking to squeeze a few more dollars into their pocket and a few more hours into their day. Whether you are looking for the latest gadgets, creative home improvement ideas or to add some time to your day, we’ve covered the top hacks for your home improvement needs.

1. Fill the Gaps

Have your trim and baseboards taken a beating over the years? Moving furniture, kids playing with toys and having a pet can take a toll on the wood working in your home. For a quick fix, apply wood filler to damaged trim to make them look new. Consider getting color-change wood filler to take the guesswork out of the drying time. It changes color when it is ready to be sanded! Then, apply a fresh coat of paint or stain for a new, fresh look.

Gutter Guards

2. Install Gutter Guards

Are you looking for an alternative to cleaning your gutters multiple times a year? Installing gutter guards will eliminate any clogged gutter issues that you may have. Consider a micromesh gutter system like Leaf Filter to prevent even the smallest of debris from entering and clogging your gutters. Not only will you eliminate gutter cleaning from your to-do list, but gutter guards will prevent serious and costly home damage that is associated with clogged gutters.

Handle Hacks

3. Find New Uses for Old Items

Looking for new uses for old items? Consider using old door knobs as creative towel hangers in your bathroom. These old door knobs give the bathroom a vintage-y feel and is a quick upgrade.

Another great option is to transform an old wine rack into a towel rack in your bathroom. No one will even know this “towel rack” used to be a wine rack! And, this gives an elegant feel to any bathroom.

Wine Rack Hack

4. Clean Your Grout

Often times, all you need is some elbow grease to give your bathroom a facelift. Cleaning products can be harsh. Instead, opt for a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Use some scrubby brushes to clean the grout. After you let the cleaner dry, you can seal the grout to make it look brand new. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation for any steps to take before applying the sealant.

5. Paint Your Tile

Unhappy with the way your tile looks in your bathroom or kitchen? Or is your tile beginning to look dingy and worn out? You may not realize it, but you can actually paint over your ceramic tile.

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To start this project, we suggest blocking off a half day worth of work. It’s important to keep in mind that you may lose some of the characteristics of your tile, like the grout lines. And, avoid painting tile that receives a lot of water or wear like the tile floor, tub or vanity countertop.

There are two different steps to painting ceramic tile: prep and paint. Be sure to prep the tile by cleaning any mildew, soap scum and dirt. Then, once the tile is dry, sand it with a fine grit sandpaper. This step will take the glaze off the surface. Wipe down the dust and you are ready to paint.

As for the actual paint you should use, it’s best to go with a latex or epoxy paint. If you are using latex paint, be sure to use a proper primer before applying two coats of acrylic latex wall paint. Make sure to follow the directions no matter what type of paint you use!

Programmable Thermostat

6. Utilize A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats will automatically adjust the temperature to your home, reducing your energy consumption. They feature a pre-set dial that you can set to your schedule, for example, when you are at work or asleep. If you haven’t invested in a programmable thermostat yet, you could be missing out on some serious savings. On average, a homeowner can save up to 20% of their cooling and heating costs. And, with winter here, everyone is looking for ways to lower their gas bill.

7. Dingy Faucet Handles

We would all probably like to replace our faucets and hardware, but sometimes, these items can be expensive. Faucet handles become dingy over time from hard water or daily use. If they are still in good shape and just need to be freshened up, remove them from your sink and soak them in vinegar. Use a scrubby brush, or even a toothbrush, and watch them gleam.

8. Fix Broken Tile

Cracked or broken tile is not only a mess, but can be hazardous and an entry point for leaks. Water can get behind your wall causing bigger mold and mildew issues, which can harm your health and be costly.

To repair a cracked or broken tile, cut around the tile at the grout line using a tile saw. You may need to use a hammer in order to break the tile


We hope these tips put a few more dollars back into your pocket and saved you some time in your everyday life. We would love to hear your tips, so leave your best home improvement hacks in the comments section below!  

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