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Victorian Remodel Based On Travel Inspiration

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By on Feb 26, 2015
Victorian Remodel Based On Travel Inspiration

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How many times have you visited a place and wished that you could stay there forever? What if we told you, you don’t ever have to feel way again? Taking inspiration from places we’ve visited to design our homes is a great way to fall back in love with our space; especially if you forgot you had a home while vacationing. We’ll bring key elements together that make the overall design feel authentic, but also makes you feel great when walking into the room.

Victorian designs are timeless. Hailing from the mid-to-late 19th century, the designs mix eclectic and historical pieces with Middle East and Asian influences. Incorporating these key elements into a Victorian dining room remodel will allow you to capture the authenticity of the culture. It will also give you the opportunity to add your personality into the space.

Victorian Lighting


Most prominent in a Victorian dining room design is an eye-catching chandelier; one that demands all the attention of the room. Here is an opportunity to really have fun with your remodeling project. Shop for an over-the-top fixture that not only speaks to your design ideas, but also your personality. You’re the one who’s going to be looking at it all day! After you’ve found that statement piece, place the fixture directly above the dining room table in true Victorian fashion.

Kitchen and bathroom designer, Lee Hardcastle says that 2015 is the year of “ceilings that make you look up.” Meaning, there will be more focus on its shapes and features, achieved with classic embellishments and amazing lighting fixtures. The use of bulkheads and coffer ceilings will add texture to your design. What are you waiting for, grab your checkbook and let’s go shopping.

Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Linens & Drapes

The colors of the Victorian period were made up of sun-faded and subtle tones. Shades of dusty rose, faded blue and even a dull yellow were very popular. To make your dining room pop, try an olive green with cream trimmings. Your upholstered dining room chairs should boast a fabric with large flower patterns. If wall paper is more your thing, try a combo of floral and stripped patterns. Just be sure that it’s complimenting other features within the room.

A Victorian design is all about the bold decorative statements. For wall covering designs, decide between a textured drapery in a soft solid or maybe a rich silky fabric with intricate patterning and gold or silver threading. It’s essential that the design you ultimately decide on represents the true essence of a Victorian home. Kitchen designer, Kesha Pillay admits that we’ll be seeing a lot more textured and tactile materials this year.

Hardcastle also notes that wallpaper will be huge in 2015. “Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact, even in small amounts,” he tells Houzz. “Wallpaper gives you the control of complementing the architectural elements throughout the kitchen or adding a beautiful contrast to an otherwise simple color palette.”

Victorian Wall Coverings


When choosing furniture that represents Victorian style, go with dark walnut and mahogany. Look for chairs with curved legs, decorative arms and backs that are carved eloquently. Your dining room table should be round or oval in wood, wicker or even bamboo. See if you can score a dining set with an ornate clawfoot. Try it all before deciding what fits in your room best. Look for vintage pieces, like an antique grandfather clock that can really attest to the overall feel of the culture but also to the design of the room. In true Victorian fashion, your room should be packed with furnishings with minimal open spaces.  


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The classic elements of a Victorian is of course the rich wood furnishings and heavy window treatments, but also brass lighting fixtures. There’s a lot of fun that can be had when shopping around for accessories for the dining room. Visit antique shops in your neighborhood and really focus on getting elegant candles and gold-framed mirrors that can really draw a lot of attention.

In 2015, warm metal fixtures will really make a comeback; gold, copper and bronze will all work in our contemporary yet traditional designs. In an interview with Houzz, interior designer Greg Natale says, “The texture and gleaming finish of metallics provide a stunning accent to most palette choices.” Incorporating these metallics can really take your designs from simple to elegant, without much hassle. 

Victorian Furniture

A Splash of Modern

When designing your Victorian dining room, it’s good to remember that although you’re going for a traditional design, you can still add a splash of modern to it. The eye-catching chandelier, textured ceiling and Oriental-inspired area rug are the traditional aspects to the room. But when it comes to the accessories, integrate a modern flair with built-in shelves, accent lighting and a ton of colors, which always make everything a bit more fun.

According to Pillay, home designs that combine a mix of modern and traditional elements will be influential in 2015. The designer notes that more homeowners are less interested in the sleek modern designs and moving towards more of those that represent their sense of style and personality. It’s all about finding that design that works with your lifestyle and who you are.


With an eye-catching chandelier, subtle tones in upholstery, wall coverings, linens and drapes and dark furniture, any dining room can be transformed into a Victorian masterpiece. Remember to add some modern elements to your traditional design to really bring it full circle.

Have you done a travel inspired remodel in your home recently? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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