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By on Aug 10, 2016
Video: How To Caulk

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Caulking is perhaps the one DIY project any homeowner or renter can accomplish no matter how much or little DIY experience you have. Learning to caulk is a basic DIY task every homeowner should learn to prevent warm air from leaving your house in the winter, save on insulation and vastly improve your home’s design.

Mark and Theresa Clement of MyFixItUpLife decided to sit down and show us how to caulk. Once you are ready for your own caulking project, check out How To Caulk Your Windows Like A Pro.

Tools & Materials Needed to Caulk

  • Caulk
  • Caulk Gun
  • Utility Knife
  • Small Bucket
  • Grout Sponge
  • Water

Tips for Caulking

  • Cut the tip of the caulk at a slight angle.
  • Always keep even pressure on the tip and keep moving the caulk gun.
  • Supplies should not cost more than $50.
  • After caulking, wet your finger and smooth it out.


While these caulking tips seem fundamental, you can never learn to DIY without giving it a try. Fortunately, with cold weather coming, caulking is one of the best ways to winterize your home.

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