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Video: How To Fix A Garbage Disposal

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By on Aug 10, 2016
Video: How To Fix A Garbage Disposal

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While your garbage disposal is often your best friend, it can also turn into your worst enemy that seems to show up every time you host a dinner party. The only thing worse than throwing away good food is trying to get rid of it with a clogged disposal.

Fortunately, thanks to our good friends at MyFixItUpLife, there are a few easy ways to prevent and fix a clogged garbage disposal.

Tip on Prevention

  • Do not place stringy foods down disposal.
  • Do not place a lot of food down disposal at one time.
  • Do not place bacon grease down the disposal.

Tips on Fixing A Clogged Garbage Disposal

  • Reset the disposal with switch below the sink.
  • Use an Allen wrench to turn the drum below the sink.
  • Make sure the circuit breaker did not turn disposal off.

Note: As always, be very careful when dealing with a clogged disposal. Do not go near the switch when your hands are in the disposal. 


Fixing a garbage disposal is a very reasonable project for anyone with minimal DIY experience. Before calling in a pro, take a shot yourself and follow Mark and Theresa’s handy tips above.

Of course, if the clog is too severe, you may want to consider removing your existing disposal and installing a new garbage disposal.

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