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Video: Summer 2019 Trends

By on Jul 11, 2019
Video: Summer 2019 Trends

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Summer is here! It's no doubt that you're outside enjoying some sunshine and making the most of the beautiful weather. However, let's turn our attention to our home decor so it can reflect the look of the season.

If you've been following our Trend Talk series, you know that woven baskets were our prediction for trends this season. In addition, we've found a few indoor and outdoor trends you'll want to incorporate this summer. Watch the video below to see our favorite home decorating trends for summer.

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Favorite Summer Decor Items

Did you see something you like in the video? Here’s a list of where you can get it for your home.

For complete transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through the links below will result in a small commission for ImproveNet, at no extra cost for you

Espresso and Natural Seagrass Paige Tote Basket: https://fave.co/2LfDyTw

Fiddle Leaf Fig: https://fave.co/2S5z9mR

Metallic Foil Animal Print Lumbar Throw Pillow: https://fave.co/2xIBmu

Zebra Lumbar Pillow: https://fave.co/2xEJA7p

Jadeite Macrame Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillow: https://fave.co/2LfEasi

Natural Macrame Knotted Coaster: https://fave.co/2S9OFy7

Jadeite Macrame Table Runner: https://fave.co/2S4w4Dy

Set Of Three Apothecary Jars: https://fave.co/2xIJnjK

Shiny Chenille With Corner Tassels Throw Blanket In Yellow: https://fave.co/2LgrnpJ

Velvet Fringed Throw Pillow In Yellow: https://fave.co/2LGwQ8G

Gateleg Table, Outdoor Brown: https://fave.co/2LfcPGJ

Applaro Chair, Foldable Brown: https://fave.co/2xMHr9H

Tassel Outdoor Pillow Yellow/Green: https://fave.co/2S5pmgJ

Teal Embroidered Toucan Napkin, Set Of Four: https://fave.co/2xELuF5

Blue & Green Seaside String Lights: https://fave.co/2xEaBYI

Palm Leaf Serving Platter: https://fave.co/2S3hHiI

Pineapple & Flamingo Plastic Outdoor Plates: https://fave.co/2Lf8t2h

Fall 2019 Decor Predictions

It will be no surprise that trends this fall will revolve around warm hues of orange and red. The good news is that you can easily transition some of your summer items, such as your mustard yellow blankets and throw pillows, as well as your woven baskets, into fall decor. Stay tuned as I show you how to use these trends and more to get your home ready for the next season.

Looking for what was hot last season? Watch Trend Talk: Spring 2019.

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