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Vintage Kitchen Appliances: Stoves and Ovens

Everything Old is New Again

By on Mar 24, 2019
Vintage Kitchen Appliances: Stoves and Ovens

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Editor's Note: Do you dream of a vintage kitchen? For many homeowners, finding the right antique is not only a mission for the perfect decorative item but a treasure hunt. However, if you're looking for the perfect vintage stove or oven, how do you know what to look for. To help get you started, we're bringing back this article on vintage stoves and oven so you can find just what you're looking for in the kitchen.

Heartland Classic Collection Electric Self Cleaning Range
The Heartland Classic Collection Electric self-cleaning range

You might be surprised to learn that vintage-style cooking units look old but cook new. Often when homeowners restore old homes, they want to include the kitchen in the period restoration as well. But finding original appliances that can handle today's culinary styles and demands can be a challenge. Fortunately, a number of appliance manufacturers are making excellent reproductions of antique stoves in both American and European styles.

These handcrafted ranges combine charming turn-of-the-century design with state-of-the-art technology. The available types and models span a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors and tend to cost more than standard cooking appliances. If your old house can use new appliances, read on.

Once you have the perfect stove or oven, make sure it fits into your kitchen. Contact a kitchen remodeling pro today for quotes from contractors in your area, for free.

Elmira Stove Works

Four Burner Styled Gas Range By Elmira Stove Works
A four-burner, antique-styled gas range by Elmira Stove Works

The ranges made at Elmira Stove Works originate from a wood-burning cookstove called the "Classic Clarion" that was first built in the 1850s. Today they are built with the same care as the original with the addition of modern cooking capabilities. Originally designed for a Victorian kitchen, this is not your standard size stove. The average height with the warming oven is approximately 68 inches. Each range is hand built, with many options to choose from, including a wide selection of sizes and colors such as Cayenne Pepper Red, Jewel Green and Liberty Blue. The shape is ideal for an old house, but in the right color it can also work nicely in a contemporary kitchen. The cooktops are available with smooth tops, cast elements or gas burners. Extra-large four-cubic foot electric ovens are standard convection. Gas ovens feature a broiling unit conveniently located at the roof of the oven. Prices start at $3,545.


Four Oven Gas Fueled Aga Cooker Features Two Hotplates
This four-oven, gas-fueled Aga Cooker features two hotplates

Few changes have been made to the original design of the Aga range since it was first introduced in 1929. The Aga is designed to achieve a high accumulation of heat in a well-insulated environment delivered in precisely controlled quantities with a minimum of fuel. The unit operates on radiant heat, so that every cubic inch within the oven is used. This thermostatically controlled heat means the elimination of all knobs and dials. Since the ovens and hotplates maintain different temperatures, depending on their distance from the heat source, the Aga can roast, bake, steam, boil, fry, broil and grill all at the same time. With prices starting at $8,000 this unique range is geared towards the serious cook. For the more conventional cook Aga's added a new range to its line. The Aga companion /module is an electric and gas oven that features a heat-zoned upper oven with an independent broiler, above a lower convection oven. This range has four gas burners, including one ultra high wok burner. Prices start at $4,500.

La Cornue

52-inch Cornuchef Grand Papa is the largest range from La Cornue
The 52-inch Cornuchef Grand Papa is the largest range from La Cornue

Since 1908 when Albert Dupuy, founder of La Cornue ranges, first constructed his concave vaulted oven, the La Cornue oven has had a reputation as one of the world's finest hand-made ranges. Each range is built to order, start to finish by one worker, using the same artisan methods since the turn of the century. The collection includes an impressive array of professional-style ranges with all the necessities for a home chef. Since each piece is custom made, the possibilities are endless. Available in eight styles plus professional gas cooktops in a variety of configurations, La Cornue is also available in over 15 colors. Devoted fans include the well-known Chez Panisse chef Alice Waters, who has a beautiful yellow cooker in her home. Prices start at $11,000.


four-oven, gas-fueled Aga Cooker features two hotplates
This four-oven, gas-fueled Aga Cooker features two hotplates

Heartland Appliances Inc., noted for its nostalgic look, is one of the largest manufacturers of woodburning stoves worldwide. They also produce vintage stoves with functions that are completely modern including digital clock timers, convection ovens and sealed gas burners. The original offering, the Classic Collection was fashioned after a 1925 Oval Cookstove. Available in eight colors, the Classic Collection has expanded to include a built-in double oven. For a more classic modern look, Heartland's Legacy Series of combination ranges is geared toward making an aesthetic statement with a 1930s design influence. This distinctive design captures the era's sense of high style that works well in both a traditional and modern setting. The Legacy is finished in real porcelain with such vintage color options as Sky Blue, Mint Green and India red. Prices start at $2,165 for the wall oven, $3,095 for the Classic and the Legacy starts at $4,599.

Author: Barbara Winfield

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