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What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?

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By on Sep 12, 2016
What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?

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As an important element in curb appeal, front doors tend to be the focal point when others look at your home. As the entryway, it’s design and décor is crucial to welcoming guests into your home. While you may have not considered the importance before, you might be thinking about current state of your front door. If it’s looking a bit worn, a simple coat of paint can be instantly refreshing to the look of your home.

The key is to find the right color for your home and personal style. There are plenty of trendy styles that can give you a look that will last. Get inspired with these nine front door paint color ideas.

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Green Door

Plan Your Painting Project

Before you pick out the best color for your front door, you’ll want to plan ahead, avoiding any unwelcome surprises. When you’re painting a door, you’ll want to take the door completely off the frame, as well as any hardware. Additionally, you’ll need both a paint and primer to get the most professional look possible if you’re doing this as a DIY project. You should also consider hiring a pro, to get the look you desire, since the front door is the first thing everyone sees. The average cost of a professional small paint job, such as a front door, is $585.

Pick Your Paint

Once you’ve properly planned ahead for your paint project, you can begin picking out the perfect paint color. Remember, as much as the color should match the home, it should also reflect your personal style. You can think of your front door as the first impression. It tells guests what they should expect to see when they enter the home. Do you want a more modern feel? Go bright & bold! Do you stick with a more vintage look throughout the home? Try a light, fun pastel hue. Consider the psychology of color as you sort through different colors to set the mood for how people should feel when they enter your home.

Red Door

1. Deep Red

While this option might surprise you, red is actually a very classic option. Against a brick or gray house, it can add a needed warmth of color. With a white home, it can help achieve the farmhouse look that is very trendy right now.

Teal Door

2. Bright Turquoise

If you’re looking for a color that is hot right now, turquoise is the way to go. It’s a retro look that adds a unique, bright style to any home. It works best with homes with white or gray hues. It certainly will add a pop of color that some homeowners desire, without going overboard.

Black And White Entryway

3. Contemporary Black

For a sleek update, a black front door can fit with almost any home’s style, giving it a contemporary feel. If your décor tends to be more modern, it’s a good idea to update some of your door’s hardware to match. Stick with silver and sleek door hardware to complete the contemporary look.

4. Shades of Green

Green is warm, welcoming and evokes feelings of hospitality. If that fits your personality, the right shade of green is a great way to let visitors know that they will feel at home as they step through the door. A dark shade works well with brick houses, while a lighter green works great with cream or white homes.

Pastel purple door

5. Pastel Purple

If you want to add a pop of color, but aren’t  ready to try something as bright as red, a pastel color will help incorporate what you desire. Purple is a great place to start when it comes to pastels. It’s a unique look that will send a fun and inviting message to guests.

Yellow Door

6. Sunshine Yellow

Eliminate all negative energy from your home with a bright yellow door. Even on a cloudy day, a yellow door will make everyone happy. This is a bright color to incorporate and works well on houses that need to add some color into their current façade.

Rust Orange Door

7. Rusty Orange

If your home incorporates many natural elements, both in an out, like wood siding and water features, a rusty orange will help complete this look. It’s a warm color that will be inviting to guests and family members alike.

Navy Blue Door

8. Bold & Blue

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A navy blue is a fabulous way to add a bold color to your front door without the brightness of other color choices. Navy blue is a classic look that will look great with any façade, even red brick! Incorporate gold door hardware to really show off this color.

9. Classic Neutral

Even after all these ideas for colors that stand out, sometimes the best option to refresh your door is with a neutral coat of paint. Colors like beige, white and gray look great on front door especially when they are freshened up!

Front Door Decor

Door Décor

Once your door is painted, you have the option to choose stylish door décor. Many people think wreaths are just for the holidays, but in fact, they can be used any time of year. Floral, burlap or herb wreaths are great additions to add warmth to any front door. Pennant flags are another great idea to add a unique look to your home.

And don’t forget the classic door knocker! There are many great styles to choose from and are easy to install.


Your front door is an important part of your home. Choose your paint color carefully to enhance your curb appeal without having to install a new door. You can have a new look in no time!

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