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What Flowers Bloom In Spring?

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By on Mar 22, 2017
What Flowers Bloom In Spring?

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After a cold winter, the sight of spring approaching is a welcomed sight. Trees begin to get their leaves and flowers begin to sprout up again. It’s an exciting time for all who enjoy time in their garden. If you’ve recently bought your home, you may not know what flowers are in your garden currently or you may be unsure of what to start planting.

While some spring flowers last for the season, others you won't see until the weather turns again. A spring garden can add additional curb appeal to your home. A beautiful spring garden takes proper preparation. To start planning, see a few flowers that bloom in spring.

Any garden takes proper care and maintenance. If you could use a little help caring for your plants this year, contact a landscaping pro for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free.

Gardening Costs

Gardening Costs

Like any landscaping project, it’s a good idea to have a budget ready. If you’re starting a new garden, it’s a good idea to consider having your soil tested before planting anything. A soil test can tell you if pH levels are sufficient for optimal gardening. After testing, you’ll know if the flower garden you desire is set up for success or what you may need to do to change it. The average cost to test soil is $1,142. However, there are a few DIY soil tests you can do that may not be as accurate, but give you an idea of how acidic your soil is.

As any gardener knows, simply planting a few seeds will not grow a healthy garden. These gardens need to be maintained regularly. Make watering daily less of a chore by installing a drip irrigation system into the flower bed. The average cost to install a drip irrigation system is between $300 and $750 per 500sf. This depends on the size of your flower garden and what quality parts are used.

Daffodils In Spring

When To Plant Spring Flowers

To some, this may sound strange, but the best time to plant spring flowers is actually in the fall. Bulbs and perennials will return year after year, so fall is the perfect opportunity to get a jump start on next year’s garden. Bulbs should be planted before the ground is frozen for an immediate spring bloom. Perennials that are cold-tolerant should be planted in the early fall, so they can get enough nutrients before the winter begins.

Spring Bulb Tulips

Spring Flower Bulbs

Blooming bulbs are one of the first signs that spring is here. Sometimes, you can see a few blooms before the snow has all melted away. One of the most common bulb, tulips, has up to 100 varieties in many colors. It’s often one of the first flowers to arrive in spring. However, this bloom has a short lifecycle of about two to three weeks. Here are a few other common bulbs you might see this spring:

  • Lily
  • Daffodil
  • Hyacinth
  • Snowdrop

Early Spring Flowers

Early Spring Flowers

As I mentioned, the tulip is one of the first flowers you’ll see blooming in spring. However, it won’t be the only flower to take center stage. Keep in mind, these flowers can bloom at different times depending on your zone, so always check before planting. Perennials and flowering trees will start to bud and add a little bit of color to the landscape. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Bloodroot, characterized by white petals and yellow center.
  • Forsynthia, a shrub with many golden-yellow flowers.
  • Iris, often purple petals that fold open.
  • Lilac, a shrub with small purple blooms and a strong floral smell.

Late Blooming Shrubs

Late Spring Flowers

As an encore, there are many flowers that show off a bit later in the spring and stay through the early summer. Late spring flowers will begin blooming after the last frost. These tend to be less of the bulb variety and more perennials. Some blooms will even last through the summer season. These flowers are a great choice for lasting color in your garden. Here are a few to consider adding:

  • Alstroemeria, a variety of colors with different markings on the petals.
  • Common bluebell, blooms blue hues face downward.
  • Cherry blossom, pink flowers that adorn the steams of the tree.
  • Magnolia, varieties of trees or shrubs with large flowers of pink, white or purple.

What To Plant In Spring

What Flowers To Plant In Spring

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Once your spring flowers have bloomed, you should start thinking about what to garden for the rest of the year. Certain flowers bloom at certain times depending on your zone. In some places, you could see blooms even into late fall. Begonias and dahlias are two popular summer bulb choices that will last.

Additionally, spring is the perfect time to start your vegetable garden. Seedlings can even be started indoors as early as march and be transferred outside after the last frost. Herbs like lavender, sage and basil look beautiful as well and add flavor to your garden.


There’s nothing quite like walking outside to see a beautiful, flowering garden after a long winter. By understanding what flowers you currently have, you can plan for successful spring blooms every year.

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