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What You Must Know About Wood Fencing

By on Apr 30, 2017
What You Must Know About Wood Fencing

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Elegance and style, that’s what a wood fence brings to your yard. Many times, it’s associated with the ideal home. And for a good reason, a wood fence is a long-lasting option for your landscaping.

However, before you begin your wood fence installation, there are a few things you should know. While there are many benefits to this style, there of course, are some drawbacks. Here is all you need to know about wood fencing and how to care for it.

One of the best ways to ensure proper installation of your new wood fence is with the help of a pro. Contact a fencing contractor today for up to four quotes from pros in your area for free.

Privacy Fence

Wood Fence Cost

Despite what some might think, a wood fence can be an affordable option for your yard. The costs of a wood fence generally depend on the size of the yard. Without pro installation, the average cost of a wood picket fence are between $3 and $75 per linear foot. Higher wood fences for privacy can range anywhere from $25 to $100 per panel.

Wood Fence Install

Wood Fence Styles

When you think of a wood fence, what comes to mind? Often people think of the white picket look around the outside of a house. But the truth is, wood fencing comes in many different styles beyond that. Here are a few styles to consider when looking at wood fence options:

  • Board On Board Fencing: Used mostly in a wood privacy fence. No spaces between boards allows for your own outdoor oasis.
  • Spaced Picket Fencing: Picket boards spaced evenly. Does not allow for privacy but is a great decorative element
  • Convex Wood Fencing: Like solid board fencing but has a curved top.
  • Shadowbox Wood Fence: Unlike certain types of wood fencing, this style looks the same on both sides.
  • Wood Fence Rail: For a rustic look, this fencing option simply faces two or three boards horizontally between posts, leaving a wide gap between.

Wood Fence Panels

The type of wood you choose can help determine the maintenance and style of your new fence. Wood fence panels come in many varieties. Depending on your budget and the look you desire, here are some options to explore:

  • Whitewood
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Cypress
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Eastern Red Cedar

Lattice Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fence

If you truly want your yard to be a personal outdoor oasis, a wood privacy fence might be the best choice for your yard. Wood fences are generally 6’ high. However, depending on your town and neighborhood association, there may be other regulations that you must follow. Unless you have extensive experience, privacy fencing should be installed by a pro. The average cost of a wood privacy fence is between $3-$75 per square foot. Much of this cost comes from the wood type and materials.

Wood privacy fences come in a variety of styles. For a traditional look, stick with a straight or dog ear cut at the top. To add a little bit of style to your wood privacy fence, consider a lattice top fence. All are great choices to add a long-lasting look to your yard while getting the backyard privacy that’s desired.

Wood Fence Installation

When you’ve chosen your wood fence materials and worked out the details of length and height, it’s time to install. To get the job done correctly, we don’t advise a wood fence installation as a DIY project. A contractor will ensure your wood fence is installed correctly and up to any codes that are specific for your area. The average cost to install a wood fence is $2,401, with most homeowners spending between $1,733 and $2,680.

The size of your yard and the area you want fenced will determine the time it takes. Most wood fence installations take about a week to complete, but this can vary based on size.

Maintain A Fence

Wood Fence Care & Maintenance

Once your wood fence is installed, it’s time to enjoy!  You now have an outdoor space for you and your family to play games, relax and entertain. However, wood fencing does require some maintenance to keep it looking great. You’ll want to check your fence about every six to nine months to ensure all the nails and boards are secure, with no cracks or damage. Through routine inspections of your fence, you’ll be able to repair any damages before they become a larger problem. The average cost to repair a fence is $446, with most homeowners spending between $306 and $484.

Over time, you may also notice that the paint or stain has weathered. Wood fencing requires you to repaint or re-stain every few years. This is a project you certainly can DIY in a weekend or two, depending on how large your fence is.


Wood fencing is an elegant edition to any home. Though it may be a higher upfront investment then other fencing options, you will certainly improve the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Looking to see what other fencing options might be good for you? Read 9 Types Of Fences to see what can transform your yard.

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