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When To Call A Carpenter

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By on Jan 8, 2018
When To Call A Carpenter

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When it comes to finding the right contractor, you might not know who to contact. Taking a look at your to-do list, you may see many projects that that could use the help of a carpentry pro.

Carpenters are skilled at helping you improve various areas of the home by cutting and sizing building materials to repair or create a new structure. You might find a carpentry contractor to be helpful when it comes to your stairs, railings or other framing tasks. Here are a few projects that you may want to call a carpenter for.

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What Does A Carpenter Do?

You may be familiar with the term, but not know how a carpentry pro can actually help you. Generally, carpenters work with home building materials, such as wood, to help frame and structure the home. They’ll make all the exact measurements and cuts, so the materials fit perfectly. Carpenters can also make necessary repairs to structures both in and out of the house. They can help with these specific projects:

  • Gazebos
  • Pergola
  • Stairs & Railings
  • Sheds & Playhouses
  • Window Frames
  • Door Frames
  • Molding & Trim

Building A Gazebo

1. Build A Gazebo Or Pergola

If you’re looking for a landscaping feature that stands out or, a unique addition to your patio, a gazebo or pergola might be what you’re looking for. Gazebos are larger structures that can provide shade and structure while pergolas offer slight shade. Both are beautiful additions that a carpentry pro will have experience with.

Because these are added structures to the home, it’s a good idea to contact a pro instead of DIY. They will ensure your structure is safe and all cuts made are exact. The average cost to install a gazebo is $8,066, while pergolas may cost less depending on size. The average cost to install a pergola is between $2,000 and $15,000.

Improving Staircase

2. Repair Stairs & Railings

Are you tired of that squeaky step? Are you looking to replace a loose railing? A carpentry pro can help with that! They’ll know exactly what to do to make sure your stairs and railings are safe and squeak-free.

Stair repairs are not something you want to DIY, as it requires exact cuts and measurements, as well as the expertise to fix the issue. The average cost to repair stairs is $587, with most homeowners spending between $358 and $664.

Building A Shed

3. Build A Shed Or Playhouse

From extra storage in the backyard to a space where a child’s imagination runs wild, a shed or playhouse can be a worthwhile investment. However, to ensure the project goes as smooth as possible, you’ll want to hire a carpenter for the build. They’ll help you determine exactly what materials are needed and if there are permits you must have.

The average cost to build a shed or playhouse is $2,914, with most homeowners spending between $2,109 and $3,545.

Repair Window & Door Frames

4. Repair Window & Door Frames

From rotting wood to cracks in the frame, repairs may be necessary to your window and doors. These are important repairs that could even get worse over time. So, if you notice that your window and door fame could use a repair, it’s a good idea to call a carpenter as soon as possible. The average cost to repair window frames is $398. It's a worthwhile investment that could save you from needing a complete replacement.

Installing Trim

5. Install Trim

Are you looking to add a little detail to your room that makes a big difference? Adding trim and molding your room can add a look of elegance to almost any room in the home and highlight it’s beautiful features. While this is a project that homeowners sometimes choose to take on themselves, it's often hard to hide imperfections. A carpenter can help here. The average cost to install trim is $1,096, with most homeowners spending between $765 and $1,156. Much of the cost here depends on the room size and the type of trim you install.

How To Find A Carpenter

If you’ve had one of these projects on your to-do list, it’s time to get the job done. There are carpentry pros near you that are ready to help. One of the best ways to find pros is to ask for recommendations from friends and family. ImproveNet can also help by connecting you with carpentry pros in your area. You can also use review websites to help locate the names of carpenters in your area.

You’ll want to research more than one pro to make sure they are right for the job. Look at their website to observe previous work they may have done. Read reviews from previous customers on their work. If you choose to give a few contractors a call, make sure you have some questions ready to ask the carpentry pro, to help you find the best for the job.


A carpentry pro can be very helpful for various repairs in your home or new construction. In most cases, you’ll need a pro to help you accurately measure and construct your project for the best results. If any of these projects sound like ones you’d like to complete, contact a carpentry pro to get started.

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