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Where To Install Crown Molding In Your Home

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By on Jun 18, 2017
Where To Install Crown Molding In Your Home

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If you’re considering a bit of extra flair to a room, crown molding might just be the answer. Not only does it give your space an elegant look, but it can greatly improve your ROI.

The key to a successful crown molding installation is knowing where to put it. Often, homeowners think of walls as their first option. Homeowners are now using it in other areas of the room to add a sophisticated touch. See a few places you can add crown molding in your home to really give your space a new look.

While crown molding is a project you can DIY, it’s not recommended for beginners. To help, contact a remodeling contractor today and receive up to four quotes from pros in your area, for free!

Where To Install Crown Molding

Cost To Install Crown Molding

Crown molding is a great way to add style to a room, as well as covering up any gaps. It gives a seamless look to the room that can’t be beat. While trim can get the job done, crown molding is an enhancement to the overall look. However, compared to other options, crown molding can be quite expensive.The average cost to install is $1,096, with most homeowners spending between $765 and $1,156. However, a crown molding installation can significantly boost your overall ROI when it comes time to sell. Another factor in cost is the size of the wall or item you’ll be framing. It could cost less if it’s a smaller area.

How To Install Crown Molding

When it comes to crown molding, you do have the option to install yourself. However, this is a task that should be taken on by only experienced DIYers. Installing crown molding calls for the right angles and cuts so it keeps that perfectly seamless look. If you want to give crown molding a try, start with a smaller project before moving on to an entire room. To see how you can do this watch How To Install Crown Molding.

Where To Install Crown Molding

As we mentioned, crown molding is often installed between walls and the ceiling or the wall and the floor. This gives the room a seamless, elegant appearance. However, there are a few other places you can install crown molding that you may not have considered before. Here are a few:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bedroom Headboard
  • Shelving
  • Around Your Mounted TV

Where To Install Crown Molding In Your Home

1. Crown Molding On Walls

Installing crown molding where the wall meets the floor or ceiling is a great way to dress up your room. This simple addition will certainly add ROI to your home. It can hide any imperfections you may have in the corners of the walls. This is a great replacement for your average trim, adding a bit of style to your space. Crown molding can add the impression that a room is taller than it really is, giving you the illusion of a larger room.

Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding

2. Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding

Kitchen cabinets are another place in the home where you’ll likely find crown molding. Many homeowners are using it above their cabinets all the way to the ceiling, to give a seamless look to the kitchen, adding additional height to their cabinets. Other styles show the crown molding as a border for the top of the cabinets, to give a finished look.

Bathroom Mirror Crown Molding

3. Mirror Crown Molding

Consider your bathroom mirror; could it use a little sprucing up? As a smaller crown molding project, mirrors are the perfect way to dress up your bathroom. Even better, this project won’t break the bank. Frame your current mirror to give the effect that it’s a part of the wall. It will be a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

Bed Headboard Crown Molding

4. Bedroom Headboard Crown Molding

You may not have considered it before, but you can create an sophisticated headboard with the help of crown molding. This is a great DIY project for those looking to dress up their bedroom. Here’s a great tutorial from Grand Design Co, on how they created a new headboard with some paint, an old door, and crown molding.

Install Crown Molding

5. Mantel & Shelves Crown Molding

If you want to add a little style to your shelf or mantel, crown molding can do just the thing. It can dress up a blank wall or add a little flair to your fireplace. If you’re looking for a crown molding DIY project, this may be a great introduction. See our tutorial on How To Build A Mantel for more instructions.

6. TV Frame Crown Molding

Similarly to a bathroom mirror, have you considered framing your TV with crown molding? While mounting your TV is great, sometimes it can be an unwelcome focal point in the family room. A crown molding frame can dress it up and enhance your viewing experience. When building your crown molding TV frame, be sure you can access the TV and cords if there are any technical problems. You may also want to consider hiding your cords as it could take away from the elegant look of the frame.

If you want to try this project yourself, see this tutorial from All Things Thrifty.

Crown Molding


If you’re looking for a new way to add sophistication to your space, consider using crown molding. You can give it a traditional look by using it as trim around a room, or try something new such as a mirror frame or bedroom headboard. Just be sure to evaluate your DIY skill level before taking on a large project. If you think you’ll need help, always contact a pro!

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