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Where To Install Home Security Cameras

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By on Jun 27, 2016
Where To Install Home Security Cameras

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Home security is important. When installing home security camera systems, there are several key locations where you should place cameras for maximum visibility. You should determine which areas of your home are the most vulnerable and install cameras in those areas to make your security system as effective as it can be. Then, you can get an idea of security camera installation costs.

Another aspect you need to consider when installing residential security camera systems is the visibility of cameras to intruders. Visible cameras can be potential targets for burglars, while hidden cameras won't serve as visual deterrents.

One way to resolve this issue is to use a combination of hidden cameras and fake dummy cameras to scare burglars away. If they break the dummy cameras, it's relatively inexpensive to replace them and your hidden cameras will capture any intruders. Here are the five main ideal locations for home security camera installations.

Install A Home Alarm System

1. Front Door

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 81% of burglars enter through the first floor of the home and 34% enter through the front door, more than any other entry point. The popularity of the front door as a target means that you should make that your primary installation point for security camera systems.

However, you'll want to make sure that burglars can't access the cameras and easily damage them, which is why you're better off installing them above the first floor.

Mesh wiring can provide sufficient protection if the home is only one floor. Cameras should be weatherproof and night vision is an invaluable added benefit.

Secure The Back Of The House

2. Back Door

The IACHI also determined that 22% of burglars enter through back doors of residences, which makes this area another important location for security cameras.

Side doors are also similarly vulnerable and should equip at least one camera each. Here, it's also important to install them in a location that's out of reach and won't make them vulnerable to potential damage. 

3. Windows

Another popular entry point for intruders is a first floor window, particularly rear windows that aren't visible from the street in most cases. You may wish to install cameras at these locations as well.

Obviously, you don't need to install cameras at every window, but a camera with a clear view of windows along the side of the home can keep an eye on both doors and windows.

4. Basement Stairs

If your basement is accessible through doors or hatches, this may tempt intruders as another access point. Many basements also have small windows that burglars can fit through.

Your home may benefit from one or more cameras installed at the top of the basement stairs. Night vision cameras are the most ideal for this location.

Install A Security Gate

5. Backyard & Gates

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Backyards with valuable items and equipment can serve as primary targets for burglars because of the ease of theft. Surveillance cameras should cover backyards as much as possible, along with fences and gates around the perimeter.

For backyards that don't have any fences or gates, back door and window cameras may be able to cover the backyard sufficiently. Certain front gates can also use remote locking systems to allow recognized visitors in and keep others out.

Other Home Security Precautions

While security camera systems are among the most important security equipment for homes, there are other ways to make sure your home is secure from potential break-ins.

You can implement a full custom system of security measures that can keep burglars away and alert both authorities and residents in the event of intrusion.

Alarm Systems

Security cameras may be able to help identify and deter home intruders, but cameras alone won't keep your home safe from potential threats. An alarm system installed throughout the home can alert authorities immediately when a break-in occurs and notify inhabitants of intrusion with an audible alarm.

Many modern alarm systems include security camera systems in addition to automation, fire monitoring, carbon monoxide protection and flood protection to maximize resident safety. Also, 24/7 alarm systems can monitor the home at all times, making sure your home is never vulnerable to threats.

Locks & Safes

If you want to keep your property safe, effective locks and safes are among the simplest and most affordable security expenses. A complete system of functioning locks with custom keys can keep intruders away and make it difficult for them to break in.

Electronic locks are also available to provide additional protection. Make sure all of your keys are safely stored away from places where burglars may look, including beneath welcome mats. If you are locked out, call a residential locksmith immediately for replacement keys.

Safes are also ideal for the storage of particularly valuable items. While it's not necessary to conceal them, a hidden safe can provide additional security for property. Gun safes are also ideal to keep firearms inaccessible to intruders, while also protecting young children by preventing unauthorized access.

Use Locks And Safes


If you need help with the installation of a security camera system or other type of home security solution, there are many experts available to help you. Make sure you compare all of the manufacturers and providers you consider for your equipment to get the best quality of equipment at the best value.

With the right equipment protecting your home, you can be comfortable in knowing that your home's security is free of loopholes. You can keep a watchful eye over your entire home by placing security cameras in the five places that are most vulnerable to any unwelcome entry.

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