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Why It’s Important To Pay Attention To Your Heater In The Summer

By on May 9, 2016
Why It’s Important To Pay Attention To Your Heater In The Summer

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HVAC maintenance is important for all seasons. This doesn’t mean just paying attention to the air conditioner in the summer and the heater in the winter. You need to take proper care of the HVAC system as a whole to keep it running efficiently through the entire year.

You may welcome summer weather with open arms but, don’t forget about what kept you warm while you patiently waited for the season to arrive. Plus, it’s better to go into a new season with a clear mind, knowing your heat will work properly when the fall or winter comes. Here are six reasons why your heater can’t afford to be neglected in the summer.

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1. You’ll Regret It When It’s Time to Turn On

If your heater needs a repair at the end of the winter or it’s starting to give off warning signs that it may need one soon, don’t ignore it. Delaying the repair will lead to surprise issues in the fall. By this time, the damages could even be worse than before. It’s not worth the headache to schedule a last minute repair, which will also include an unexpected hit to your expenses. Scheduling an appointment last minute might also cause you to be placed on a waiting list. Also, it’s not guaranteed that everything will be solved and taken care of in one visit. Depending on the situation, a technician may need to schedule an appointment to return. A full inspection and necessary repairs may take longer than usual if it’s put aside for too long.

Keep a watchful eye on it throughout the spring and summer to prevent this from occurring and continue occasional maintenance. Scheduling HVAC maintenance in advance will keep your system healthy and you’ll avoid an undesired and possibly uncomfortable wait. In the long run, regular HVAC maintenance always wins. There are multiple tasks that go into furnace maintenance, such as cleaning out dust and dirt, lubricating moving parts, inspecting air flow, testing the thermostat and more. The best advice is to have this done towards the end of summer.

2. The Heat Pump is Also Needed In the Summer

Those who use a heat pump in the winter, also use the heat pump in the summer. If you choose not to repair your heat pump, you’re choosing to let your air conditioner go as well. Just because you’re switching it over from heating to cooling doesn’t mean you can or should ignore a heating issue.

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3. Spring is Unpredictable

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It’s no surprise that spring could be unpredictable when it comes to weather. Most of us are familiar with the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” meaning the turn of spring doesn’t come with automatic warm weather and sunshine, but it also comes with lots of showers. It can come with lots of rainy, windy and chilly days. When these days come, you’ll want to have the option of turning on a heater that is both safe and efficient. Depending on the location, some people even experience cold and unpredictable summers or cold summer nights.

4. Dangerous Hazards

Dust build-up and hazardous gas leaks can occur any time of the year. With forced-air heating systems, your heater and air conditioner use the same vents to function. Duct cleaning is necessary to remove the dust and prevent it from impacting the efficiency of the system, as well as the air quality. With a gas-powered furnace, issues that are left to sit all summer can cause dangerous gas leaks. The release of carbon monoxide could occur if something serious goes wrong. It’s crucial to have a working carbon monoxide detector. Don’t put yourself and anybody else occupying the home at risk.

Also, when you take your summer items out of your shed or garage, such as toys, bicycles, lawn mowers and rakes, don’t lean them against your outdoor unit.

5. Your Heater Is Already Off for Repairs

A benefit to having your heating repaired or scheduling a maintenance check up in the summer is that your heater is already off. Not only are you taking the proper steps as a property owner, you’re decreasing the chances of disrupting your heater when you need it the most, the winter.

6. Summer Energy Bills

Heater issues could cause your summer energy bills to increase. Since some of the same parts may be in use, with dysfunctional motors, leaking pipes or a bad burner, too much energy will be used trying to run with these faulty parts.


As you can see, there are multiple reasons why paying attention to your heater in the summer is more important than you may have thought. Your heating system is complex and shouldn’t be ignored when it needs a repair or cleaning. You wouldn’t put off anything else that could put you or anybody else's health and expenses at risk, so don’t do it with your heater.

Schedule regular HVAC check ups with an HVAC technician, especially if you’re a property manager that’s responsible for the health of a large building. If need be, there are tasks you can do on your own, such as changing filters. The same goes for all other seasons, you should always prepare your system for the next one. Don’t take your heater for granted during the warm months of summer!

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