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By on Sep 6, 2015
Window Prices

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Whether providing sunlight to a rather dark apartment, heat in a colder climate or happiness into any home, windows of all kinds come with every “home” in America. Thanks to the different styles and options out there, window prices, both for installation and repair, have been know to fluctuate.

Nonetheless, we dug into over 6,500 window projects to find the average cost of window installation, window repairs and window tinting. Read below to see if you overpaid for your last window project.

Window Installation Cost

According to our data, new windows generally cost upwards of $4,264. Large projects with 10 or more windows have been included in this report. As you will soon see, there are plenty of factors that go into this price and many tips/decisions one can make to lower the average window installation price.

Window Installation Cost

How to Decrease Your Window Installation Cost

As time has moved on, windows have fortunately become much more energy efficient than their older friends. While the long-term savings is undoubtedly huge, the initial upfront cost tends to rise.

As I noted in 6 Window Styles You Need To Know About, there are a few window types that are more expensive than others. Storm windows, double hung, bay windows and energy-efficient windows are known to be more expensive because they provide extra insulation. Single pane windows, such as casement windows and picture windows, on the other hand, are known to be more affordable. As you can see in other homes around the neighborhood, most homeowners go with a healthy mix of all. Unless you are on a very tight budget, I recommend the same.

Another terrific way to save money on your window installation is by replacing or installing only a few windows at a time. Many companies charge on a per window basis, but some offer discounts for bulk installations. Still, the overall price will be more if you choose to replace all your windows at once compared to just a few.

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In terms of window frames, you have the option of vinyl, wood and aluminum, but wood is almost always more expensive. Yes, it gives the home more of a traditional or rustic touch, but that updated design never comes without a price.

Finally, as always, all homeowners can shop around various window companies in the area. If you do your research and get four to five bids, you will most likely find a broad range of prices. Just know that the cheapest quote is not always the best.

New Windows

Benefits of New Windows

With an added expense comes an updated look to the home. Fortunately, when it comes to windows, that also means more savings down the line. New windows are much more energy efficient and as a result, can save you hundreds down the line in terms of HVAC and insulation costs.

On top of all that, new windows also bring a high return on investment!

Window Repairs

Many of us do not have thousands of dollars to spend on new windows. Likewise, small cracks or dings do not always demand brand new windows. However, if there is a break between the window and the wall, which as a result lets in cold air and drives up your HVAC costs, the window should be repaired as soon as possible. Fortunately, the costs are not nearly as expensive as window installation.

Window Repair Cost

As always, the overall cost will largely depend on the extent of the damage, but according to our window repair cost estimator, the average comes in just over $250.

The exact price you pay will depend on the material of your frame, the age of the windows and the number of windows that need to be repaired.

Window Repair Cost

Factors Affecting Window Repair Cost

There are various aspects that go into the overall price, some of which have a greater effect than others.

Window Hardware 

When your window sticks or makes a creak every time you open and close the window, chances are, there is an issue with the window hardware. Luckily, window pros can fix this in minutes and oftentimes, costing you less than $100.

Window Seal 

Broken seals are the most common type of window repair out there. Dysfunctional window seals not only create a large foggy window in your living room, but can also let out valuable heat or air conditioning you want to keep inside the home. As such, when it comes to seals, it’s best to get them fixed as soon as you can. Pros can usually fix a seal very quickly, but if you really want to save some cash, see How To Caulk Your Windows Like A Pro.

Cracked or Chipped Glass 

Just because your window has chipped, does not mean you need to replace the entire window. While glass can be expensive, it is not as expensive as replacing the entire window. Either way, we highly recommend calling a pro for a second opinion. Within minutes, they should know how vital the repairs are.

Tip: Do not delay this one. You don’t want all that glass caving into the home.

Window Materials

Window Material 

Vinyl and aluminum windows are generally easier and more affordable to repair than their wood counterparts. 

Window Tinting Cost

As privacy and too much sun concerns continue to gain prominence, more and more homeowners are choosing to tint their windows. While the average window tinting cost is $628, prices are based on the square footage that requires tint and usually run between $5/sf and $7.00/sf. 

Benefits of Window Tinting

It is important to remember that your home’s aesthetics will look better on both the outside and the inside, but perhaps the biggest advantage of tinted windows is the added comfort in your home. Tinted windows will block out the hot rays entering your home, ensuring it stays cooler in the summer. On top of the savings you will get from your next energy bill, less sunlight could also warrant a longer lifespan for your furniture. The sunlight causes fabrics to fade, which means that in time, your furniture, carpeting and drapery may begin to wear faster.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting


Overall, installing new windows or repairing old ones can be costly, but the good news is that eventually, they all pay for themselves over time due to saved energy costs and an increased resale value.

If you are looking to have new windows installed in your home, be sure to click here and get in contact with up to four window companies FOR FREE!

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