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Winter Door Decorating Ideas

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By on Nov 20, 2016
Winter Door Decorating Ideas

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When the weather starts to require a coat to go outside and flurries start to fall, the outdoor home décor gets tossed aside for snuggling up inside next to a warm fire. But decorating your door for winter is one easy task you can accomplish to add to the beauty of the season.

There are plenty of ways you can dress up your front door for winter. Some ideas can celebrate the holiday season, while others will allow you to keep your décor up well past New Year’s Day. See how you can spruce up your front door with winter door decorating ideas.

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Snow Covered Decor

Consider The Color Of Your Door 

There are many options available for front door décor. Thankfully, these are versatile choices that can change yearly. First, you must consider the color of your door. It’s a great place to start when determining what type of door décor will work best for you, as there are many arrangements available to choose from.

Thanksgiving Door Decor

Thanksgiving Door Decorations

What do you think of when thanksgiving is near? I think of warm colors, leaves, pumpkins and other harvest items. This should translate into your door décor. Dry corn is a unique way to decorate for thanksgiving. You’ll need a straw wreath and enough ears or corn to cover it around. Hot glue the ears of corn so the husks are outward from the center. When complete, fluff the husks and hang on your door.

Another way to adorn your door for thanksgiving is with leaf garland above the entrance. This will add a little extra festivity to your entryway. Don’t forget to use pumpkins in your entryway as well to truly bring the harvest look to your home.

Snowman Door Decor

Snowman Door Decorations

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If it doesn’t snow enough in your area to build a snowman, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Snowman door decorations are cute and can stay up the entire winter season, regardless of snowfall. Many local décor stores sell unique snowman door hangers you can use.

However, if you’re looking to DIY your door décor, I’d recommend getting three different sized wreaths, small to large. Add some white to them, with ribbon, paint or glitter. Stack them from small to large, as if you were building a real snowman, and secure together using ribbon. Finally, use a colorful ribbon to tie a bow or wrap around the top circle to represent a scarf. You can add bells, buttons or anything you’d like to customize your door décor. When you’re done, place on your front door for all to see!

Winter Door Decor

Christmas Door Decorations

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, the options are seemingly endless. Of course, there’s always the traditional holiday wreath, decorated in the style that you choose. Real evergreen wreaths are quite a treat for anyone who enters your home and adds a great winter scent to your entryway. Hang string lights and garland above your door, decorated with bows or a few holiday stars.

If you’re looking to make your Christmas décor stand out, try making an ornament wreath by hot gluing ornaments of your choice to a Styrofoam wreath. Though it seems simple, finding the right sizes can be tricky. See this tutorial from Live Love DIY on how you can create your own.

Santa Door Decor

Santa Door Decorations

Create an entryway fit for Santa’s workshop. I love the idea of a Santa door wreath, and it's so simple too! Find a red wreath with any material you like such as ornaments, ribbon or red burlap. Hot glue a piece of thick black ribbon around it and use a smaller pieces of gold ribbon to fashion the belt. What a unique holiday look for your front door!

Winter Wonderland Decorations

If you enjoy changing your door décor out for the seasons, you need something that will last until the spring. Stay away from reds and greens, as that can indicate Christmas far after the holiday is over. An easy way is to find a twig wreath is to spray paint white, with some silver accents. This is a quick and easy DIY project that will last you all season long.

Another easy door décor DIY is to hot glue pinecones to a thick ribbon in the color of your choice. A plaid or warm color works great here. Tie ends together in a bow and attach to your door. Hang this unique pinecone décor from your door all season long.


Door décor is great because you can change it out based on the season and your style. Many are often great DIY projects you can complete in an afternoon or less. So, get to work on creating your own winter front door décor to welcome in family and friends this season.

Looking for more home décor ideas this holiday season? Read Easy Christmas Décor Ideas to see how you can make your house look festive inside and out!

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