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Worker's Guide To OSHA Standards

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By on Aug 24, 2020
Worker's Guide To OSHA Standards

Virtually every workplace involves some measure of safety to ensure that employees remain healthy and avoid injuries while they work. Even an office setting requires that employees have a safe place to work that will not result in illness or repetitive strains while they sit at a desk. Other workplaces, such as those found in the construction industry, carry more risks for employees. Completing a remodeling job or performing home improvement can involve working with dangerous equipment in risky environments. By learning about requirements and codes for personal safety and knowing how to report violations on construction sites, you can keep yourself safer while you work. 

Ensuring Personal Health & Safety

Everyone has responsibilities for ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Employers and management must adhere to OSHA regulations as they create workplace environments, make rules of conduct and provide equipment for employees to use. Employees must follow safety rules and guidelines instituted by employers. For example, on a construction site, everyone must wear a hard hat to protect against injury. Violating this rule could result in personal injury from accidents. Training is another important component of workplace safety. Employers must provide comprehensive training for employees, and employees must use the training to learn important rules and regulations for performing duties safely.

What Is OSHA

How to Report Violations

OSHA has a system in place that enables employees to report safety violations. If you have experienced a serious hazard in the workplace, or you believe that your employer is violating OSHA standards, you can file a complaint. OSHA enables employees to file complaints online, by fax, by mail or over the phone. Submitting a complaint will usually result in an OSHA inspection of the workplace to discover any violations. The employer will have an opportunity to respond to the complaint. After the review, OSHA will either close the case or determine the correct course of action to resolve the issues.

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