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Your First Home: Introducing Chelsea

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By on Aug 24, 2020
Your First Home: Introducing Chelsea

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Are you a first-time homeowner? If so, homeownership might feel a little daunting to you right now. While there’s plenty of excitement and guidance throughout the process of buying a home, once you’ve moved in, the real work begins.

Here at ImproveNet, we completely understand and want to provide you with the best resources you need to help. That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to our new video series, “Your First Home” with your host, Chelsea. She’s an interior designer and home expert who’s here to help. Here are a few questions and answers that we had for Chelsea, so you can get to know her a little better.

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Q: What has being an interior designer taught you about homeownership?

A: Interior design allows me to work in every room in the house. I think in a home, great design must be functional. That’s why I like to call myself a home expert as well because there are many things I can do outside of just design.

It’s also taught me that many people, especially new homeowners, have questions about their house but don’t really know who to ask. There’s a lot of information out there to help you buy a home, but less on basic things you need to do once you move in. That’s why I want to help.

Q: What are some questions you’ve encountered?

A: I certainly think it’s all the things you don’t think of when you’re caught up in the actual purchase of the home. A lot of times, I come across homeowners who forgot to buy a lawnmower or don’t know if they should spend money changing their locks. There’s also plenty of questions from people buying an older home wondering how in the world they’ll start a full remodel. My advice here is to take things one step at a time. But, these questions can be overwhelming for first-time homeowners.

Q: What do you hope people learn from this new series?

A: I hope people learn that it’s okay and completely normal to have questions, even if they seem embarrassing to ask. Yes, you may have taken a home economics class in high school, but they certainly don’t teach it all. Simple tasks like how to re-calk a bathtub and setting up home services can be challenging. I hope viewers see that one, we’re in it together and two, they can conquer the challenges of owning a home.

I also hope viewers learn that while some projects can be DIYed, not every project should be. You’ll see that even I call in a few expert contractors to help answer the more technical questions. Contractors in your area are a great resource for new homeowners and will get the job done right.


We’re so excited to bring you the new series “Your First Home.” If you have a question, send it our way by leaving a comment below or sending us a message on Facebook. You might even see it in one of our videos!

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