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How Much Do Air Conditioning Repair Services Cost In Chicago?

Most homeowners spend between $1,208 to $242 in Chicago.
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In the heart of summer, there’s nothing worse than lounging around in the house and all of a sudden, the AC unit goes out! While these large, expensive appliances are made to last over 10 years, they do need a repair once in a while, especially in the middle of a Chicago summer.

Chicago air conditioner repairs are not too expensive and fortunately, some repairs can be fixed as a DIY project. See the average prices on Chicago air conditioning repairs and how you can lower your home AC repair price. Once reviewed and ready to fix, ImproveNet can help you find Chicago cooling contractors.

National Repair An A/C Unit Costs

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Chicago, Illinois

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National Average Cost $369
Minimum Cost $130
Maximum Cost $3,300
Average Range $1,208 to $242
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Table of Contents

  1. Chicago Air Conditioner Repair Costs
  2. Chicago Air Conditioning Repairs & Their Costs
  3. Inexpensive Air Conditioner Repair Options In Chicago
  4. How To Fix AC In Chicago
  5. Chicago AC Unit Maintenance Tips
  6. Find A Cooling Repair Contractor In Chicago
  7. Other Chicago Project Costs

Chicago Air Conditioner Repair Costs

The average cost to repair an air conditioning unit in Chicago is $369. However, as you will soon see, AC unit repairs in different Chicago neighborhoods range heavily based on the repair in question. In fact, we have seen simple air conditioner repairs cost as little as $130 or complex AC repairs cost as much as $3,300 in River North.

Given the wide scope, no matter what air conditioning issue you’re facing, the best way to find the most reliable cooling professionals at the best possible price is to get at least three quotes from Chicago HVAC contractors.

Chicago Air Conditioning Repairs & Their Costs

Some AC repairs can be diagnosed over the phone. For example, if your AC won’t turn on, the thermostat could be set to off or heat. If that is the case, you just saved hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, many cooling issues can’t be resolved over the phone. Therefore, a Chicago HVAC contractor will have to come out and determine the issue. HVAC service calls in Chicago generally cost between $100 and $150.

If the problem is determined, many cooling pros can fix it on the spot. They may have to order a few new parts, but if all materials and tools are present, most AC unit repairs take no longer than one day. With that in mind, below are the most common air conditioner repairs and their repair prices:

AC Repair

Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Condensate Drain Line Flush



Fuses, Circuit Breakers or Relays



Control Circuit Boards



New Thermostat



Outdoor Condensing Unit Fan Motor



Refrigerant Leak Repair



Condensate Pump Replacement



Metal or Plastic Drain Pans



AC Refrigerant Recharge



Compressor Replacement



Replacement Condensing Unit Coil



Later on, we will discuss how to fix some of the more simple and affordable AC repairs.

Inexpensive Air Conditioner Repair Options In Chicago

As you can see above, some air conditioning repairs are cheap and some are rather expensive. Luckily, besides the reasonable options mentioned above, there are additional, inexpensive air conditioner repairs you need to be aware of.

Changing Filter: $10 - $30

As you live in your home or condo, you know what 72 degrees Fahrenheit feels like. However, if you’ve kept your thermostat on a consistent schedule and are no longer comfortable in your home, chances are, you need to change your AC filter.

Depending on the filter, a new filter may cost as little as $10. No need to call in an HVAC contractor, as you should be able to replace your filter with little to no HVAC knowledge.

Tune-Up: $50 - $150

Whether it’s your car, yourself or your air conditioner, we all need a tune-up once in awhile. When it comes to HVAC, it pays to check in on AC parts every spring. Reason being, you want to ensure your AC system is ready for the busy Chicago summer ahead. Just like a race, you need to be healthy before training begins.

Spring tune-ups generally entail changing filters, monitoring coils and checking in on the compressor. Tune-up costs usually depend on your contractor’s service call price and as such, should not exceed $200.

Loud Noises: $10 - $600

Despite the fact that many AC units are tucked away in a utility closet or sitting outside, they occasionally make a lot of noise. While this could mean a blown motor, other times, it just indicates a screw is loose.

If you just have to tighten a screw or spray some WD-40, your Chicago air conditioning repair price should be close to $0 (DIY). On the other hand, if your motors need replacement or a fan blade is broken, your repair price can skyrocket to $600.

Flooding: $20 - $130

All AC units generate moisture and that water has to flow outside the home or away from your foundation somehow. That condensation should exit the area via the condensate pump and/or drain line. If your AC unit is flooding, chances are, there’s a blockage.

A veteran can come out and clear the clogged drain line in less than an hour. They may charge their normal Chicago service call price, but if you DIY, a new tube and condensate pump should not cost more than $30 and $450 respectively.

Warm Air: $10 - $750

Your AC system is composed of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. Both need to work in tandem to function properly. The two must be connected via refrigerant lines. These lines should be wrapped by insulating materials. These, along with checking for holes, ensure no cool air disperses as it goes from the outside unit to the inside unit.

Therefore, if you set your thermostat to low, but only warm air is coming out, you may need new insulating sleeves for your refrigerant lines. These sleeves cost as little as $5.

However, if insulation is not the issue, you may need an AC refrigerant recharge. A recharge could cost up to $750.

How To Fix AC In Chicago

Just like any home appliance repair, we can often eliminate and try certain solutions before calling in local Chicago cooling contractors. If you want to decrease your air conditioner repair price, consider the following DIY tips:

  1. Lower Your Thermostat: If your AC system won’t turn on, make sure it’s set to cool and then turn it down 10 degrees. Head to the outside unit and see if it’s running. If you hear something, head back inside and see if you feel anything. If not, your coils may be frozen or you need to take a closer look at your motor and compressor. Compressor replacements start at $1,350.
  2. Clean: Simply put, debris, dirt and weeds can block or greatly hinder our cooling systems. If the system will go on, but not cool the house efficiently, change the filter. Then, head outside and see if the coils and fans are dirty. If so, wipe them down. Also, you can use a hose, spraying at angle and not directly into the AC unit.
  3. Consider Replacement: If you’ve tried both above, and your AC unit used to adequately cool your home, double check the manual. While most HVAC contractors should have caught this, some don’t. Your AC unit needs enough power to handle your home’s needs. As we pointed out in our air conditioning installation cost estimator, a five-bedroom house needs a more powerful AC unit than a one-bedroom condo. While there are outliers, depending on the size of your home, your AC must be able to handle:

House Size

Capacity or BTUs/Hour

700sf – 1,000sf

18,000 (1.5 Tons)

1,000sf – 1,200sf


1,200sf – 1,400sf


1,400sf – 1,500sf

24,000 (2 Tons)

1,500sf – 2,000sf

30,000 (2.5 Tons)

2,000sf – 2,500sf

34,000 (3 Tons)

Chicago AC Unit Maintenance Tips

Home AC repairs are inevitable. Sooner or later, your HVAC unit will leak, not turn on or not function as well as it once did. Fortunately, there are simple maintenance items you can do on your own to not only limit your air conditioner repair prices, but also lengthen the lifespan of your entire system.

  1. Change Filters: You should change your AC filters once every 30-60 days, depending on its condition.
  2. Turn Thermostat Up: When you’re not home, turn it up. This will not only save you money every month, but it will also decrease the strain on your system. Less strain means fewer HVAC projects.
  3. Check Doors & Windows: You pay good money to cool your home every summer. As such, make sure it actually stays within the home by checking for drafts near windows and doors. If you feel air entering or leaving the home, consider sealing open spots. The average price to install weather stripping is $258.
  4. Clean Coils: If anything is blocking or infiltrating your outside AC unit, clean it off immediately.

Find A Cooling Repair Contractor In Chicago

Like most appliances, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact repair needed for your air conditioner. Nonetheless, whether you’ve tried the DIY solutions above or not, it’s always a good idea to get a professional eye on it.

Luckily, ImproveNet can help. Use our HVAC project form to easily find and connect with Chicago cooling contractors in less than 24 hours! It’s free to connect.

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