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Most homeowners spend between $9,670 to $13,409 in San Francisco.
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If you wan to really take advantage of your backyard, consider building a swimming pool. New pools don’t only bring hours of enjoyment for you, your kids and your friends, but all San Francisco pool installations raise the value of the home. Nonetheless, many may wonder, ‘how much does it cost to install a pool?’ Well, we’re here to help.

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National Average Cost $13,324
Minimum Cost $1,580
Maximum Cost $35,000
Average Range $9,670 to $13,409
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Table of Contents

  1. San Francisco Swimming Pool Prices
  2. San Francisco Pool Costs By Type
  3. Swimming Pool Material Costs In San Francisco
  4. Swimming Pool Labor Costs In San Francisco
  5. San Francisco Swimming Pool Accessories Cost
  6. Related San Francisco Pool Costs
  7. How To Lower The Cost To Install A San Francisco Swimming Pool
  8. Find A Swimming Pool Contractor In San Francisco
  9. Other San Francisco Project Costs

San Francisco Swimming Pool Prices

The average pool cost in San Francisco is $13,324. Nonetheless, there are many factors that can vastly alter your pool installation cost. We’ll discuss all factors later, but as an example, no matter where you live, above ground pools should not cost more than a third of the price of an inground pool. As such, it’s no surprise that we have seen San Francisco swimming pool installation prices range from $1,580 all the way to $35,000 in Outer Richmond.

San Francisco Pool Costs By Type

Undoubtedly, with any San Francisco pool installation, the most influential cost decision is the type of pool you want to install. If you want to limit your total San Francisco pool price, go with an above ground pool. They require a lot less materials and time to install. On the other hand, if you’re committed to spending the average shown above [or more], inground pools are the standard. While they do cost more, they increase the value of your home to a much greater extent compared to above ground pools.

Pool Type

Minimum Cost

Maximum Cost

Above Ground Pool



Fiberglass (Inground) Pool



Inground Pools



Swimming Pool Material Costs In San Francisco

Like any installation project, the majority of your backyard pool price will filter down to materials and labor. While both factors are included in the price estimates above, it’s always safer to know exactly what material costs could popup throughout your pool installation.

A majority of the following pool materials are require for all new San Francisco pool installations:

  1. Pool Pump: The pumps help manage your pool’s filtration system and keep your pool clean. The cost to install a pool pump ranges between $150 and $800.
  2. Pool Heater: Chances are, if you don’t install a pool heater, you will never use your pool. Especially in the Midwest or on the East Coast, pool heaters vastly increase the number of days you can use the pool. The cost to install a pool heater in San Francisco falls between $1,700 and $3,100.
  3. Pool Cover: When the pool is not in use, or throughout the colder seasons, you should cover your pools. As such, homeowners across the country purchase mesh, solar or winter pool covers. While solar covers cost as much as $1,000, many pool covers will not exceed $300.
  4. Pool Enclosure: While San Francisco does see it’s fair share of sun, we all need some shade and protection once in a while. As such, many homeowners from the Bay Area install pool enclosures. While pool enclosures are not required, many choose to add to vastly increase the pool’s potential. Pool enclosure costs range from $4,000 to $35,000, highly dependent on your pool type. Please note that this cost is not included in our San Francisco pool installation cost above.

Swimming Pool Labor Costs In San Francisco

All swilling pool prices above include labor expenses. Nonetheless, as we always suggest, it pays to get at least three bids for your San Francisco pool installation. Within those quotes, you should see separate line items for materials and labor.

Labor costs will largely be determined by their experience and type of pool you’re installing. Inground pools require a lot more prep, heavy lifting and organization. Therefore, labor prices for inground pools tend to be more than above ground pools. In fact, standard inground pool labor costs generally run between $3/sf and $8/sf. If you install an above ground pool, labor costs should not exceed $4,750.

San Francisco Swimming Pool Accessories Cost

Now that we’ve covered all required San Francisco pool installation costs, we can jump into swimming pool accessories that significantly amplify the swimming experience. Some accessories below are expensive, going as high as $4,000, but many can be purchased and installed for less than $1,000.

  • Lights: The thrill and joy of a swimming pool shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down. You’ll have a few options, ranging from halogen, fiber optic or LED pool lights, but nonetheless, your outdoor lighting installation cost will not exceed $500.
  • Slides: If you have young children, a slide will undoubtedly keep them in or around the pool for hours. Slide prices range from as low as $100 to as high as a few thousand. If you want to keep your total San Francisco pool cost down, install a straight, short slide.
  • Diving Board: As kids get older, they graduate from slides to diving boards. In fact, pool-goers of all ages can enjoy a diving board for as low as $350.
  • Waterfall: While not common, waterfalls vastly improve the curb appeal of your pool and value of your home. They do not come cheap, as the most affordable waterfalls start at $1,000.
  • Hot Tub: If you live in a colder climate, hot tubs are terrific additions to swimming pools. They’re not only terrific resale features, but they also improve your health! The cost to install a hot tub ranges between $300 and $2,000, heavily dependent on the model and features.
  • Awnings: If you don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a swimming pool enclosure, consider adding an awning. They won’t protect you like a full enclosure, but awnings do provide that break from the sun we all need once in awhile. Awning prices start at $250 for fixed awnings, but rise to almost $4,000 if you opt for a retractable awning.
  • Rocks: Finally, if you think something is missing from the overall pool design, consider landscaping rocks. The cost of these decorate rocks depend on the type you choose.

Related San Francisco Pool Costs

Any pool cost estimator would not be complete without analyzing maintenance and repair costs. Sadly, no San Francisco pool is free after installation. From resurfacing the fiberglass and cleaning the filter to preserving the pool pump, there are plenty of ongoing pool maintenance items all Bay Area homeowners must know:

How To Lower The Cost To Install A San Francisco Swimming Pool

It may seem like adding a pool is an expensive endeavor. In fact, great benefits usually bring about great costs. Nonetheless, no matter what type of pool you install in your San Francisco backyard, there are ways to save some money:

  1. Install an above ground pool
  2. Use a pool cover [use a solar pool cover to save more down the line]
  3. Clean your pool cover
  4. Do not run the filter all day
  5. Install an energy-efficient pool pump
  6. Turn the pool heater down
  7. Purchase pool cleaning supplies in bulk
  8. Stay on top of all maintenance items

Find A Swimming Pool Contractor In San Francisco

Backyard pool prices may be steep, but they offer a different form of exercise, increase the value of your home and provide endless enjoyment for children and friends. All in all, it’s no surprise more and more homeowners in San Francisco are installing both inground and above ground pools.

Now that you know the average San Francisco pool installation cost, are you ready to jump in? If so, use ImproveNet to find experienced pool contractors near you!

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Last updated on Sep 19, 2017

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