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Curtains, Drapes & Valances

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Custom curtains, draperies, cleaning and more

Window drapes and curtains have become necessities over the years. If you want to keep your home cool or maintain a sense of privacy, you need curtains or drapes. Continue reading to see all your options and then, connect with a window contractor to discuss even more options!

Curtains, Drapes & Valances

Soft goods are the window fashions that include all sewn items. Soft and sheer, adding warmth to any room with a variety of fabrics, this group of window coverings is one of the most traditional, yet versatile. 

First—a quick definition: Custom curtains and draperies. Many use these terms interchangeably, however, there is a difference that will help guide your window covering decisions. Custom curtains are shorter, perhaps not reaching the floor, and are made of lighter materials. Often times, curtains are usually functional (they open and close). Draperies are rooted in the decorative vs. the functional custom curtains. These normally come to the floor and flank curtains on either side. These are normally lined, and are made with heavy fabrics such as velvet or heavy cotton. 

Valances are decorative fabric treatments around the curtain rod. Coming in styles that reflect their monikers, some of the more popular valances are know as Blouson or “puff” valances, Waterfall valances, Roman (having an architectural look and feel), Box or pinch pleat. These accent your custom curtains or draperies and have a distinct style of their own. No window treatment is complete without a valance accent. 

Custom curtains and draperies have many similar benefits as Hard Goods, however, are more designed to bring elegance to a room. Popular fabrics include silk, velvet, cotton and there are as many treatments as your mind can think up. 

Whether they’re short, long, gathered, pleated, Moroccan-style, sheer, blackout or country-style, custom curtains and draperies (Soft Goods) have an everlasting elegance perfect for any room or decorating mood. From the different fabrics, to the endless array of treatments and colors, soft window treatments are the designers medium of choice for making any room a showcase. 

Cleaning and care of soft window treatments is a little more challenging than that of hard window coverings—but not to worry—with proper care, all curtains and drapes will bring long lasting beauty to any room. We’ve assembled some tips for helping with your window fashion decisions:

  • Sunlight considerations: Sun is not a friend of fabric curtains. But there are a number of ways to work with fabrics and colors to bring the best window treatments to that super sunny room. Acrylic and polyester are great fabrics for sun-exposed windows. Also, keep in mind that darker fabrics, while helping with the blackout factor are more likely to fade. For the best help you can find with determining the perfect window coverings for any room, contact the pros at V2K and get your window fashions estimate started today. 

  • Care of draperies: On a monthly basis, you will want to take a vacuum or brush to your draperies. This helps remove dust—one of the main enemies of draperies—while refreshing the look of your window treatments. Most fabric draperies are washable but extreme care must be taken to not damage the window treatments. Treat these like your finest delicates and be very careful about drying—use only the air dry or low heat setting. Then, press on the side that does not face the room to remove any wrinkles. Never wash sun-damaged curtains or drapes. 

  • Care of curtains: Curtains are only slightly more durable when it comes to washing. Again, treat these like your most prized delicates—many are hand or machine washable but check the label before taking this task on yourself. The curtains should be dried only on the low heat or air settings or line dried. Reattach hardware only after the curtains have fully dried.

For other proper cleaning instructions and tips for maintaining your new curtains and drapes be sure to ask the pros at V2K when they’re installing your window fashions.

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