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Electrical Home Project Guide

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Common home electrical projects and their costs

Although DIY enthusiasts may be able to tackle a range of projects within the home, it's almost always best to leave electrical issues to the experts. Whether you're adding in an outlet or installing a new lighting fixture, it helps to better understand the average costs of each project. This electrical home guide will help you estimate the costs of a range of common electrical tasks around the house.

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New Outlet

This is the kind of project that individuals think they can handle, but it can be incredibly dangerous to tackle even these smaller electrical projects on your own. Not only will hiring a professional electrician protect you from injury and protect your home from fires, but it can also give you peace of mind knowing that your home is completely up to code. If you don't need to install a new circuit, and you plan on using a more affordable 120 or 220 volt outlet, then the price of the installation will remain on the lower end of the price range. The average price of hiring an electrician to install a single outlet is between $217 and $301. However, if you are planning to bundle a few electrical tasks in one visit, the price of each individual task will go down.

New Light Fixture

In new construction homes, electricians typically wire all of the major appliance and light fixtures at once, which results in cheaper prices across the board. If you are remodeling or you simply want to install a new light fixture, however, the wiring can be extensive. If the wiring is in place, costs will come down, but you should also factor in the expense of the actual light fixture itself. Recessed lights, while very popular today, might only be a cost-effective option if the electrician can access the ceiling from above rather than having to cut out sections of the ceiling from below. On average, the cost of installing a new light fixture ranges from $1,154 to $1,838.

Repairing a Broken Switch

Dealing with a broken switch can seem like something small, but tinkering with wires and electricity is unsafe unless you are a licensed electrician. Thankfully, the process of fixing a broken switch is often very straightforward for professionals. The cost is generally dependent on the type of switch that is broken. Three-way or dimmer switches can be more expensive. The average cost for repairing a broken switch is $211.

Wiring Panels

Whether you are installing a wiring panel for the first time in a new home or replacing it entirely in an older home, expect it to take several days. Not only will the electrician need to prep the area, they will also need to have their work inspected by local building authorities. This is why the average cost can run between $1,243 and $1,805.

If you are thinking about handling a electrical problem in your home, think again. Hiring a professional might be more expensive, but your safety is worth the cost.

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