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Interior design and decorating are among the most fun home improvement projects that you can do. Unlike major plumbing or electrical changes, any mistakes you make while decorating can easily be painted over, replaced or fixed with the addition of a new decorative element. It is the most artistic aspect of home improvement and makes for the most immediately-satisfying DIY projects.

Nevertheless, there are certain things to keep in mind before beginning an interior design or decorating job. If you need help along the way, ImproveNet can help you find interior designers nearby.

“Don't put lipstick on a pig”

While the above saying may be crude, it is still a good way to describe some of the ways that interior design projects go wrong. If you need to patch up structural issues with the house, it is ill-advised to begin a major interior design project. While interior design can help to take the eye from the real issues with the home, sooner or later, those issues will rear their heads and ruin the work you've put into your decorating project. 

Mold can come through a beautiful paint job and create ugly splotches while poorly installed drywall may tear at the seams or crumble when you try to hang decorative elements on the walls. If your pipes are susceptible to leaking, you should get those taken care of before installing a new ceiling fan or repainting the ceiling.


The theme can be a specific color, it can be a season or it can even be a feeling that you want your home to evoke. Depending on the floor-plan of your home, you may be able to create several unifying themes throughout, though it is best if all the themes blend nicely, so the whole house feels like a single entity. Many people choose themes like "warm" or "family" or "sleek and sophisticated" or "antique," but you can choose the aesthetic you want your home to embody.


Interior design projects vary widely in budget and cost. The best part about decorating projects is that they can almost always be completed piecemeal. This means that you can buy a lamp one week, a decorative image another week or sections in a sectional couch through the next month. By spreading your design project over several months, you may be able to afford a more extensive decorating project than you would have otherwise.

Items to purchase

One tip that many professional interior designers recommend is to make a list of all the items you want for each room along with their cost; then, look at your budget, and see how long it will take you to purchase every item. Keep a wish list on Amazon, Pinterest or simply in your bookmarks to remind yourself of how you want your home to look, and keep an eye out for good deals. You could be finished with your interior decorating project sooner than you think!

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