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Adding extra sun to your home

There are dozens of reasons to include a skylight in your home. In a dark and dreary room, the natural light can bring brightness and a feeling of extra space. Skylights can also incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors in your home. If you aren't able to install a large window, or if privacy is a concern, skylights are often the best option out there. Use this guide for information on how to install skylights and how much the average homeowner should expect to pay for such a project.

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Average cost

If you were to look at the average cost of a standard fixed skylight, you would think it an incredibly affordable way to bring light into the home. Skylights typically cost between $150 and $500, which is not a high price for a beautiful addition to any room. However, it is the cost of installation that will be most expensive. If you want to go beyond the standard skylight, costs will run higher with the addition of things like mini-blinds, a venting skylight with a hand crank or even a venting skylight with a remote control, which costs up to $1,000.

Factors to consider

The cost and time involved with installing a skylight in your home will depend significantly on what kind of home and roof you have. Very flat or steep roofs, for example, may require extra work. In addition, many of the skylights on the market today are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with an asphalt-shingled roof. If you have a metal roof, the costs could be higher again. Also, be sure to keep any trusses in your roof in mind if you want a larger skylight. You could need to actually cut a truss if you want anything bigger than the standard two-foot-wide skylight.

Professional installation

Whichever skylight you happen to choose, the cost of installation will be cost more than the materials themselves. On average, homeowners will pay between $2,000 and $3,000 for this process. It is important to realize that installing a skylight isn't as simple as you might expect. The process starts by cutting a hole in the roof and potentially adjusting rafters to make it fit. Then professional roofers will install the actual skylight itself. The trickiest part comes next, when roofers will have to craft a chase that connects the interior ceiling to the skylight without leaks or visible gaps. The last step, which will typically run an additional $250, is painting that room's ceiling. This can be done on your own to save a bit of money.

Skylights can make a big difference in the look of your home, but it is not an easy job. This is one project that is almost always better left to the professionals. 

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