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The background on bathroom toilets

Today's society tends to take toilets for granted. However, when the need arises to repair or replace a toilet, the topic takes on more urgency and importance. Many toilet bowls are built out of vitreous china. Some are round while others are elongated. Rounded units work well in limited space conditions. They come with a large selection of possible seat types. Toilets come in various heights and widths. The three most common models are the two-piece toilet, the one-piece and wall-hung models.

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Toilet Operation

Toilets can operate in three different ways. Pressure-assisted toilets are often used in public restrooms. They don't use tanks, instead using water that's propelled with sealed air. The water pressure takes waste out of the bowl. This system is loud and requires twice the water pressure as home toilets. Vacuum-assisted toilets are used in some homes. These toilets are quiet with a more moderate flushing pressure. A chamber pushes air out of the trap zone as water rushes through the chamber, clearing out waste. The most common toilet uses gravity to take away waste.

Wall-Hung Units

For installing wall-hung units, don't use a floor mount. This makes for quieter functionality while saving space. The framing has to work precisely and properly. Pipes must be installed exactly in the proper position. You need to prepare the floor and soil pipe. Then, you need to install the soil pipe and closet flange. The next step is setting up the toilet bowl, followed by installing the tank. Install the supply line and seat assembly, then finish up the project. It's not as simple as it sounds, so contact a professional if you can't do it yourself.

Gravity Toilets

The same is true for installing gravity toilets. you have to disconnect the supply line, then remove the old toilet. Install a new wax seal, attach the tank and bowl, secure the toilet and finish the job. The gravity toilet has a tank set atop the bowl. As the bowl brings water into the system, the pressure pushes out waste. These toilets can work with as little as 10 pounds per square inch of pressure and are commonplace in homes because of their low noise, efficient water pressure and functionality. A wider selection of gravity toilet models compared to pressure and vacuum models are available due to those factors.

Common Toilet Problems

Clogging is a typical issue, as lots of inappropriate objects can be flushed down there. If plungers don't do the job, you have to seek higher help. That means a professional snaking out the line. Another problem could be in the pipes. Bad pipes require replacement or repair. Sometimes everything is working, but the toilet needs reseating. This is due to the toilet moving from its original placement. The toilet must be taken out, reseated and resealed. If the toilet is beyond help for these problems, it needs to be replaced completely. 

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