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The benefits illuminating vinyl windows

Although there are several different types of windows on the market, vinyl windows are among the most popular for many reasons. In fact, more than two-thirds of the windows sold in the United States today are made from vinyl. Vinyl windows are poor conductors of temperature, which is a big positive when it comes to energy efficiency within the home. In addition, vinyl windows are typically very reasonably priced, durable and easy to keep clean. If you decide to use vinyl windows in your own remodeling or home improvement projects, here are some of the costs and jobs you might come across in the process.

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Average Cost

Since vinyl windows are such a popular option for homeowners, the prices are quite competitive. However, the prices can vary substantially depending on the window and where you purchase it. A standard white vinyl window with insulated glass might cost as little as $120 from a bargain department or home building store, but that price can go up to $500 or more if you want an unusually-sized window or one with triple glazing and gas insulation. Generally, expect to pay $200 for mid-range vinyl windows that are still energy efficient enough for an average home.


Once you have chosen the perfect vinyl windows for your home, you will need to have them installed. This is a home improvement project that should almost never be done without professional help. If you are serious about keeping costs as low as possible, volunteer your own labor but avoid tackling this project on your own. Even small mistakes in the seal around the windows could lead to higher energy bills or potential water damage. The average cost of window installation in a brand new home is $5,266, but this includes the cost of the windows themselves. For pure labor costs, estimate $125 per window


One of the few problems with vinyl windows is that painting them can be a challenge. The paint doesn't always adhere to the vinyl, which results in cracks over time that look unattractive. If you really want to change the color of your vinyl windows, however, you can sand the vinyl first, use a primer and then add color with a specially-formulated paint for vinyl materials. You might be interested in hiring a painter or a handyman to tackle this vinyl window project for you. If the job can be completed in a single day, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for the assistance of a professional.

Along with purchasing, installing and painting vinyl windows, some homeowners will want to install a tint or have them cleaned and repaired over time. Thankfully, however, this material is easy to care for and shouldn't need to be replaced for decades.

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