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Airflow Service Company

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ARS of Virginia

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Baron Tech

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Clover Contracting, Inc.

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Cool Factory, Inc.

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F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating & A/C, Inc.

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Fairfax Cooling & Heating Company

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M.E. Flow, Inc.

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Mannix Heating & Cooling, LLC

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Heat Pump Installers Near Me

Heat pumps are versatile appliances that won’t only decrease your utility bills, but also clear up space in your utility closet as it can replace both your furnace and air conditioner. As time evolves, more and more heat pump companies pop up. Good news for you is that some heat pump contractors are right around the corner.

Compare reviews, portfolios, experience and more from the list of heat pump installers below. When ready, ImproveNet can connect you with the top heat pump services near you.

How to Find the Best Heat Pump Installation Contractors Near You

No two heat pump installation jobs are the same. As you’ll soon see, heat pump replacement costs vary quite a bit. Your total heat pump installation cost will depend on who you hire, the size of your home, the type of heat pump you want and whether or not existing piping is in place. In addition, climate and timing of the installation also affect your bottom line. As such, it’s vital to get at least three quotes for your heat pump replacement project.

As heat pump companies come to your home and examine the area, take the opportunity to interview them. While chatting, envision working with them. Will this pro respond to my calls? Will this pro finish the project on time? Is this pro organized? The answers to these questions and the ones below will go a long way in finding the best heat pump installer near you.

  1. Is all piping and ducts in place to install a heat pump?
  2. What size heat pump do I need?
  3. What brand of heat pump do you recommend?
  4. How long have you installed heat pumps?
  5. Have you installed heat pumps for other homeowners near me? If so, can you share their contact info for references?
  6. Can you remove my existing systems and if so, how much does that cost?
  7. When can you install my new heat pump and how long with the project take?
  8. What is my heat pump installation cost? Can I help to reduce the price?
  9. Why should I hire you over another heat pump installation contractor?

Heat Pump Installation Costs

All in, your heat pump cost could be as low as $700 or as high as $10,000 (with installation). Nonetheless, the average cost to install a heat pump is approximately $5,100.