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Above Ground Pool Installers Near Me

An inground swimming pool is nice, but not always a practical option. An above ground pool can be a viable alternative. Search for above ground pool installers to find qualified professionals who can turn your backyard into a showplace.

Although you could do this project yourself, it's one that is best left to a qualified contractor. By searching for "pool installers in my area," you can trust that the job will be done right the first time. When you're ready, ImproveNet can connect you with top above ground pool installers companies near you.

How to Find the Best Above Ground Pool Installers in Your Area

An important consideration to have when having a pool installed is the available space. Before beginning your search for above ground pool dealers, determine the size of the pool that you want. Keep in mind that while you want to have as large of a pool as possible, you also want to be able to make use of your backyard. Professional pool installers can offer guidance on the above ground pool options, but take these factors into consideration first:

  1.   Size
  2.   Shape
  3.   Materials
  4.   Installation requirements
  5.   Equipment and accessories

Some considerations about size include the space around the pool and the type of decking. If you have full sun in your backyard, then placement isn't much of an issue. However, if you have partial sun, no sun or live in an area with a constant breeze, this can affect your enjoyment.

There are three basic shapes of above ground swimming pools — rectangular, oval and round — with other shapes also available. The material used for your pool also has a bearing on the final cost with choices like aluminum, steel, resin and wood being available. Installation requirements include permission from your homeowners' association, permits from your town and construction issues like leveling the ground and adding supports.

As with any pool, you also need to have pumps and filters to keep everything clean, plus accessories like ladders and covers.

Above Ground Pool Installation Costs

Having an above ground pool works for backyards that are large and spacious, as well as ones with limited space. While less expensive than an inground pool, installing an above ground pool does have some costs associated with it. According to our above ground pool cost guide, the average cost to install an above ground pool is between $3,650 and $15,000.

Once you've done your research and when you're ready, get a free quote from a few local above ground pool installation contractors.