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Best Gutter Guards & Accessories Contractors Near Me

Gutter covers or guards help to keep leaves and other clogging debris out of your gutter throughout the year. This helps protect your house and your roof from damage due to pooling water that could also freeze in winter and form ice dams. A qualified gutter contractor has the expertise to safely install a gutter cover and will also be able to clean your gutters and make any necessary repairs.

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How to Find the Best Gutter Guard Installation Companies Near You

There are three different kinds of gutter guards that are relatively simple for a skilled contractor to install. One type is a screen. This can be metal or fine-mesh screen that will filter out most of the debris that could fall into the downspout. A super-fine mesh is better for yards that have pine and cypress trees than a more open mesh for trees that don't shed as much. Curved gutter guards direct the flow of water into the gutter while directing debris away from the interior of the gutter. The curve has a pitch connected to the roof of a home to allow water to glide into the gutter. A brush or bristle gutter guard resembles a large, metal-tipped brush used in cleaning chimneys or dryer vents. It’s inserted into the gutter channel and blocks debris and leaves from entering. However, stray seeds could become lodged in the bristles, combine with debris and start to root into the gutter, which will cost you more in maintenance.

The type of guard you have installed, the materials and the labor will determine the installation costs. You should talk to a number of gutter contractors to find one who can do the job while fitting your budget. Here are some questions you should ask when interviewing gutter guard contractors near you: 

  1. How long have you been in gutter industry?
  2. Are you going to flush out the downspouts to clear any clogs?
  3. What are you going to do with the debris after you clean it?
  4. Are you licensed and insured?
  5. Will you provide a written estimate?
  6. What training do your contractors have?
  7. Do you have any references from other homeowners near me?
  8. What credentials do you have?
  9. Can you guarantee your work?
  10. Which type of gutter guard do you recommend?

Gutter Cover Installation Costs

The cost to install a gutter cover can vary from as little as $3 per three-foot section to as much as $22 per foot. More advanced guard systems cost from $15 to $22 per foot. The total cost will also include an hourly installation cost as well as the cost of cleaning if it’s necessary. Replacing damaged gutters might cost you less than a full installation. The size of your home as well as your geographic location will be other influences on the price.