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Laminate Countertop Repair & Installation Contractors Near Me

Whether you currently have laminate countertops, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing countertops, an experienced contractor will be able to help you with installation or repairs. Plastic laminate countertops account for over 75% of those installed in the U.S. because they resist stains and grease. The laminate is easy to install or repair and is less expensive than countertops made of other materials such as marble, granite or quartz.

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How to Find Laminate Countertop Installers Near You

Laminate countertop companies are able to provide you with this economical countertop because the material is made in bulk. Laminate countertops also come in a variety of colors. This countertop option is easy to repair and work with if you’re embarking on a DIY project. Laminate can be fabricated to resemble any number of materials and styles and the right countertop contractor can customize it to your liking. When choosing a laminate countertop contractor, browse online reviews, talk to friends and family who might’ve had their own countertops installed or repaired and interview a few contractors to be sure you find the one who can do the job on your schedule and within your budget. Here are some questions you can ask the potential countertop contractors:

  1. What credentials do you have?
  2. Do you have any references I can check?
  3. How long will the laminate counter repair or installation take?
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. Do you offer any warranties?
  6. Will you provide a written estimate?
  7. When can you start?
  8. How long have you been in business?
  9. Can I see examples of your work?
  10. Why should I choose laminate over granite or quartz countertops?

Laminate Countertop Costs

The overall cost depends on the specific project at hand. A simple repair will cost less than an installation. The average countertop installation cost is $2,719, although the cost can go as high as $6,025. Materials, as noted, make a big difference. Laminate costs range from $25 to $36 per square foot. Use marble and your costs jump to $40 to $100 per square foot. There is also a cost difference whether you’re replacing existing counters or installing brand-new ones. Expect your final countertop installation price to range between $2,000 and $5,500. Finally, repairing rather than replacing laminate countertops can be a less expensive alternative. Costs generally run between $150 and $300 for repairing a laminate counter.